Lights and Snakes recorded over 30 million broadcasts in four days, learning old Hong Kong movies

“Lights and Snakes” recorded over 30 million broadcasts in four days, learning old Hong Kong movies
“Catch the Snake and Cut the Snake” was produced by Huang Xiaoming as a producer. It is comparable to the online movie created by the behind-the-scenes team of the cinema movie. Tencent video was launched on January 10, and the broadcast volume exceeded 30 million in four days.In the film, the classic matching of the scholar and the demon girl and the familiar nostalgic style reminded many audiences of Xu Ke’s “The Ghost Story of the Beautiful Girl”; the special effects of the giant snake are far better than the “big level” in everyone’s impressionScreening on the big screen can also pass the test.Why is it possible to attract Huang Xiaoming as the producer of an online movie of “Catch the Light and Cut the Snake”?How to improve the texture under the premise of limited cost?What are the deep-seated reasons for the traditional film and television creative team to enter the network?Sauna Night Network interviewed Sun Linlin, the producer of “Changing Lights and Snakes”, director Liu Wenpu, and Wei Junzi, who is responsible for the production of many online movies.One snake and one tiger special effects make a selling point —— 、、 Fast-paced learning of the old Hong Kong film “Catch the Light and Cut the Snake” is Liu Wenpu’s debut feature film. He is more widely known as the boss of Liuhe Century, specializing in film materials,Special effects production.In his own words, “Who does this industry have no dream of being a film director?””Wangda gave him the opportunity to dream into reality.”The background of the past work makes Liu Wenpu completely uncomfortable as a newcomer director. In some ways, he can even connect experts.He has seen the script and understands that as the main sensory stimulation network, the special effects of snakes and tigers must be done well.With limited funds, he avoided the difficult movements in special effects production and focused on making the big movements lively and smooth.”The special effects of snake and human interaction are the most difficult. We didn’t make such a shot.Some details, some tiger claws will wrinkle people’s clothes, and special effects shots will be expensive. We used real tiger claw props to express.”With the snake score, the tiger’s special effects are more difficult to do. From the final effect, the snake is better than the tiger.Director Liu Wenpu said, “The effect of the giant snake on the big screen is better than that on the computer screen, but there is room for improvement in the tiger’s sense of weight.”In the” Changing Lamps and Snakes “, the scholar Chen Guan (Liu Zhaohong) encountered a tiger on the way to the exam, met Miss Feng Jia (Fang Chutong) when he escaped, and then dealt with the unrelenting swordsman Cui Zhiyu (Shang Bai) against the undead giant snake .Some viewers commented that the style of the film is very similar to the Hong Kong films of the 1980s and 1990s, especially Xu Ke’s “The Ghost Story”.Liu Wenpu admits to being a Hong Kong film lover and very much like “The Ghost Story”.”Tell yourself before shooting, never shoot it to make the audience feel like Xu Ke!The result is still like that, there is no way, the impact is too deep.”Except for the net, the filming method of” Changing Lights and Snakes “also coincides with the Hong Kong films of the year.”Hong Kong films were low-budget and fast-paced, and on this basis they formed their own style, which is very suitable for making big movies.Including that they like to smoke at the scene, because the setting is not delicate enough, and the smoke can add to the atmosphere.At the scene of “Lantern”, there is nothing else, so there are so many smoke cakes.”Real shooting 24 days and a half late 9 months-Cinema line making high cost-effective network big film since 2014, has always given people the impression of brutal growth and sediment, most of the creative team are” caotai team. “”The Lantern and the Snake” recorded the first prize script of the Beijing University Student Film Festival Youth Script Contest. Huang Xiaoming served as the producer, and the behind-the-scenes production team is comparable to the cinema film-photography director Zheng Jiansong once served as “The Sun Also Rises” at night Shanghai”Photographer of” Curiosity Kills the Cat “; action director Qin Pengfei is the action design of the action film” Swords of the Three Young Masters “directed by Er Dongsheng; music director Dai Wei once won the 38th Hong Kong Film with” Wu Shuang “The nomination for the best original film music at the Golden Awards . Such a behind-the-scenes configuration, the entire film production cost is only more than 8 million, and the total investment of Xuanfa is only 10 million, which is called a high cost performance.It is worth mentioning that the actual shooting of “Catch the Snake and Record the Snake” took only 24 and a half days, but the post-production took up to 9 months, and the special effects production took five months, which is different from the post-production time of a cinema movie.Not much.The producer Sun Linlin allegedly revealed that the preliminary stage of “Catch the Lamp and Cut the Snake” did indeed want to make a cinema movie.However, considering that the investment in cinemas of the same type has reached hundreds of millions, coupled with the fact that the same type of movies have not been successful at the box office, it was finally decided to shoot a high-performance network.”Changing Lights and Snakes” tells the story of scholars and swordsmen fighting against the undead giant snake.Sun Linlin said that as early as the beginning of preparations, the founding team reached a consensus. The million-dollar investment in “Catch the Lights and Snakes” is first guaranteed to be produced, and we will talk about others on this basis.As a result, the team decided to abandon the use of traffic or acquaintance actors, and chose some young actors with higher cost performance, and finally launched Bai Bai, Liu Zhaohong and Fang Chutong starring. From the current audience evaluation, the performance of the three young actors is alsoObtained great recognition.[Preliminary voice]Net Dali is good for cultivating new directors-the earlier the traditional film and television company enters the game, the better. For the net big industry, the “Notice on the Upgrade of the System of Recording Information on the Network Audiovisual Programs” released by the SARFT in February 2019 is a watershed.According to the content of the “Notice”, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television began to implement “double filing and double publicity” management of key online film and television dramas.The promulgation of this policy has made a large number of content popular, and the production of inferior online movies has lost space for survival, and it has forced the transformation of the Internet industry to pursue higher-quality content.”Catch the Lantern and Snake” is undoubtedly the product of this transition.Wei Junzi has overseen the production of many online movies.In his view, the current big online movies have passed the period of savage growth and began to enter the stage of spelling content and quality, but the user habits cultivated at that time are still there.”Some people say that the audience prefers more masculine content, causing sensory stimulation. The popular so-called is to like” a surprise “, and it will be turned off in 5 minutes without stimulation.”The merger of” Changing Lights, Snakes and Snakes “is what the big web users like to decide-action, fantasy, monster, has been a few alternatives favored by big web users.Various elements such as action, fantasy, and monsters are covered in “Lantern and Snake”.Wei Junzi believes that the real value of Wangda to the industry lies in training new directors.”Academicists have cultivated author-oriented directors, and they pay more attention to personal expression.”The directors in the market need funds to know how to survive. They know how to attract the audience and resonate with the audience.”Wangda is the cradle of training such new directors. At first, it may be to learn to imitate, then gradually develop its own style, live first, and then talk about art.”Through the growth of Internet users and the declining tide of film and television market capital, low-investment, short-cycle, and fast-moving online movies are becoming a new choice for traditional cinema film directors and production companies.During the antique offline screening of “Catch the Snake and Record the Snake”, producer Huang Xiaoming said: “This time we are just a test, we can accumulate a lot of experience on this basis, and we will do better and better.”Wei Junzi believes that sooner or later, traditional film and television production companies will make a big move into online movies.To enter the game, you need to understand the rules. You have to understand how the audience is cultivated, and you need to understand the changes in the audience.”Many big works in 2019 are upgraded on the basis of the explosion in 2018, and it turns out that users do not pay.The maturity and evolution of the audience is much higher and faster than the creator.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhai Yongjun