Be careful when choosing home fitness equipment

Be careful when choosing home fitness equipment

With the improvement of living standards, fitness is getting more and more attention, and the price of huge and complex fitness equipment is too high. Most people prefer home-use, simple fitness equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, pullers, skipping ropes, etc.

Recently, the reporter found in the investigation that there are many problems with home fitness equipment on the market.

  The reporters who were short of weight and short saw that in the cultural mall. There are many types of fitness equipment sold here, including dumbbells, skipping ropes, pullers, fitness circles, skateboards and so on.

In a shop called a sporting goods store, the reporter picked up a 15-kg adjustable rubber dumbbell, scratched it, it was very light, and the dumbbell pieces and fixing screws had been glued together.

The reporter picked up an electroplated dumbbell of the same weight and took off a 2.

Weighed a 3 kg dumbbell piece and it turned out to be just over 1 kg.

The reporter measured its size again, with a diameter of only 12 cm and a thickness of 1.

3 cm.

(Same weight dumbbells with a diameter of about 17 cm and a thickness of about 2 cm).

The weight and size of the other dumbbell pieces are also very small, that is, the actual weight of this dumbbell is about half less than the marked weight.

  The reporter visited the cultural mall and the long-term sporting goods store near Inner Mongolia Normal University and found that in dumbbells and other fitness equipment, lack of weight and short weight are two common problems.

At the same time, the price difference between full and underweight dumbbells is also large.

For example, a 30-kg electroplated dumbbell with a full weight costs about 260 yuan, while the underweight price only costs 100?
140 yuan.

A businessman who sells sports goods on Gongyuandong Road told reporters that the price of iron has been rising in recent years. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will lose two pounds in production.

And many people do n’t have exact weight requirements when buying and practicing dumbbells.

Therefore, underweight dumbbells will be confused.

  Sanwu products In the investigation, the reporter found that some fitness equipment is even Sanwu products.

The reporter saw in a store called Aoqiang Sports and Leisure near Inner Mongolia Normal University. Some skipping ropes are packed with complete information signs, while others are bare, and there is no manufacturer, site, trademark and other information.

In several sporting goods stores in the cultural mall, the reporter also found that there are too many skipping ropes, fitness circles, skateboards and other fitness equipment, and there is no manufacturer, site and other information signs, which are three non-products.

The reporter asked the shop owner why there is no manufacturer. The shop owner said: “Quality is definitely no problem, very strong.

Besides, can these things be used?

“There are hidden dangers. Due to the quality problems of too many fitness equipment, most of them are often short, and some still have hidden dangers.

For example, the quality of skateboard wheels and axles is not easy, and the screws are loose, and the axles are replaced, which is prone to danger during use.

Zhang Wei, a student at Inner Mongolia University, told reporters that he likes to use the tensioner to exercise muscles. He once spent 20 yuan to buy a tensioner without packaging and product information logo.

“Its spring interface was not very sturdy and I didn’t care.

As a result, when I was practicing, a spring suddenly decoupled and hit my wrist.

Immediately there was a blood mark on my wrist, and it hurt so much that I couldn’t hold the pen while writing.

Fortunately, I did not hit my eyes, otherwise my eyes would be blind.

Sun Qiang, a fitness enthusiast at Inner Mongolia University, said that he bought a 30-kilometer arm stick at a sporting goods store in the cultural mall. As a result, it took only one month for the springs to overlap, and they could n’t be restoredStiff state.

“If the spring bar is loose, the exercise effect will be greatly reduced.

I found the owner to request a replacement, but the owner did not replace it because it took too long to purchase.

I wanted to make a complaint, but because I didn’t ask the other party for an invoice at the time, I just thought I was out of luck.

“It is understood that many sporting goods stores do not provide customers with relevant bills when selling fitness equipment, so it is impossible to complain about quality problems.

  Consumers are very professional in blindly choosing fitness. Although dumbbells, skipping ropes, pullers and other equipment are simple in structure, they also have a lot of college questions when choosing and using them.

The reporter found in the survey that more than half of consumers are very casual and blind when buying fitness equipment.

They do not understand the relevant knowledge of alternative fitness equipment, and they buy equipment that is inappropriate or of poor quality, and the exercise effect is greatly reduced.

Some people buy these devices just for fun, so they don’t pay much attention to this knowledge.
Citizen Sun Zhegang told reporters that he started fitness six months ago and bought a pair of 30 kg dumbbells.
After practicing for two months, I feel good about myself.

“I did the curl exercise very easily, and I felt like I was doing well.

But once I went to the gym to practice, I felt very strenuous, and I also injured my biceps.

Later, I weighed the dumbbells at home and found that the actual weight was only over 14 kilograms.

It means that we have practiced for two months.

I only blame me for not knowing how to buy fitness equipment at that time, so I bought such a defective product.

Citizen Song Lili said: “We are not athletes. There is no need to be so professional. One thing is enough to practice.

The reporter found that consumers like Sun Zhegang and Song Lili are not a minority.

  Do n’t blindly want to be cheap. The fitness coach Liang Yulian of Inner Mongolia Normal University said that the methods and equipment used for weight loss, muscle gain, recovery and recovery after illness are all different. Therefore, when purchasing fitness equipment, you must first clarify your fitness purpose.
Some people are fat and need to lose fat. They should choose aerobic equipment, such as skipping ropes, treadmills, spinning bikes, etc.

Some people are relatively thin and need to gain muscle. You can choose dumbbells, barbells, pullers and other strength equipment.

When buying fitness equipment, you should choose different specifications of equipment according to your actual situation.

Taking dumbbells as an example, you should first go to a distance sporting goods store. It is best to bring a spring scale with you to prevent shorts.

In terms of material, rubber dumbbells are safer than electroplated dumbbells and will not shatter.

However, if the rubber dumbbell smells too strong or sticks to the screw, it is an unqualified product.

In terms of weight, considering the training effect, it is best to buy a relatively heavy adjustable dumbbell, so that the weight can be increased or decreased according to the training site and muscle strength.

  The staff of the Autonomous Region Consumers Association reminded that when purchasing fitness equipment, quality is an important guideline. Be sure to check the business license of the merchant. Pay attention to the basic information such as the manufacturer and the factory location marked on the product.In order to avoid being fooled, if there is a problem, you should go to the sales place to replace it in time, or complain to the relevant departments.