6 kinds of foods make thin people get fat right away


6 kinds of foods make thin people get fat right away

They are all eaten the same, but they often eat these 6 kinds of things, and they will become fatter in a year without knowing it.


Falafel can’t be because the falafel is vegetarian, it means it won’t make you fat.

The chickpea and vanilla balls in this salad are over-exposed and then immersed in a creamy condiment or a Middle Eastern sesame sauce.

The sesame salad in every three spoons contains 210 calories.

In total, a falafel contains 550 calories and 32 g 濮?

Middle Eastern foods generally have a saturated fat content, while iron, calcium and fiber are high (due to sesame seeds, beans and olive oil).


Vegan snacks Since the first debut of these products, Americans have become fatter, and this is not surprising.

Most of these fast foods have almost no fiber and are easy to eat too much; in addition, some fast foods contain more conversions than the ingredients that make it!

You might eat a whole box of horrible vegetarian biscuits with a 600-card transfer instead of the 280-card transfer fast food you really want.


Frozen yogurt “Don’t deceive yourself – it’s just a little ice cream plus lactic acid bacteria” and it doesn’t do you good.

Some brands of yogurt contain more calories than a little bit of ice cream – 185 calories per half cup – thanks to a lot of sugar.


It is not enough for roast chickens to change fried foods into baked foods: even 鈥渉ealthy鈥?fast-food roast chickens often use a large amount of cheese and creamy sauce.

For example, the hamburger chicken sandwich has 530 calories and 26 grams of oysters, all attributed to the mayonnaise salad.


Ordinary cola drink a can of 375 ml a day, convert 168cal, get fat 8 kg a year is the most common drink for everyone, of course, with cola when eating hamburger fries; and when everyone gathers to share the delicious pizza, it is also usedCola comes with the taste of pizza.

However, even if they don’t match food, many people develop the habit of drinking a cola a day.

This is because of the caffeine and special formula of Coke, which is easy to addictive.

Although there are already low-caliber colas on the market, there are still many people who cannot adapt to the special taste of sugar substitutes.

If you can’t have a cola without a day, it’s best to do a little more exercise to consume the extra tracks.

Because one can a day, you can get 8 kg fat after one year.

Moreover, the cola you drink will not only make you feel full, but the heavy taste of Coke will also allow you to eat more food.


Canned juice drink a can of 500ml a day, converted 255cal, 12 kg a year to become fat, know that vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but are too lazy to eat fruit.

Since you haven’t eaten fruit, use juice instead.

However, the use of fruit juice instead of fruit does not allow for the intake of sufficient minerals and vitamins. This is because many minerals and vitamins have been lost in the process of fruit juice formation.

The only remaining vitamin C is also reduced by the light factor.

If you look carefully at the signs on the canned juice, you can see that most of the juice is concentrated and reduced, and a lot of sugar is added.

So, if you think that drinking juice is more nutritious and comes to a can every day, the high sugar in the juice will increase your weight by 12 kilograms a year later.