One of the most common chronic diseases, there are getting younger and younger。You may not know that some of your usual habit of action, it could be reason to accelerate joint degeneration。
, Look at the computer, sitting cross-legged, climbing, jumping rope。.Today World Arthritis Day, most of these actions hurt the joints, joint protection, usually pay more attention!    Large and small joints of the body, most commonly to the knee, but also the most vulnerable, on the stairs, the knee joint to bear the weight of times, bear weight at times down。
As slowly as possible, and when the speed on the downhill, try 45-90 degrees sideways; downhill, to make use of the armrest; crutch can be more elderly, to reduce the weight of the body of the pressure。  Maintenance of the current bone of a patient widespread confusion, namely: osteoarthritis or not activities general principle is: Whether the prevention, treatment of osteoarthritis, should exercise, exercise can make the thick bones, strong muscles, enhance nutrition intra-articular cartilage , improve, slow down aging of cartilage, which is the way to prevent osteoarthritis fundamentally。
  But the key is that there should be a right approach and activity。
  To make full preparations when attention to preparations for physical exercise, gently stretch the knee at least 1 minute。  Note that often changing position and posture change position and posture, avoid prolonged standing or sedentary。When you do sitting or squatting work, should stand up and move around from time to time, but also multiple massage the knee, the knee will not for a long time fixed in the same position。
This will not only help promote blood circulation knee, and can reduce the adhesion joints inside and outside the organization。
  Strengthening the lower extremity exercise training methods introduced here two。  Method a supine position, put a pillow height of about 10 cm behind the knee, the lower leg on alternate jumping knee fully extended, and then down, every time 20?30, can be arranged before going to bed at night and wake up in the morning, doing so allows the knee fully extended, rotate, prevent stiffness rigidity of its。
  Method Two straight leg raising functional exercise。Supine position, legs fully extended elevation, lifted off the bed about 30 degrees。
Adhere to 5?10 seconds, lay down, relax 2?3 seconds。
Each exercise for 15 minutes, twice a day。
Action essentials is the whole process to be completely straight, can not bend, our aim is to exercise the muscles around the knee muscles strong is the best support on the knee。
  In general, the function of the knee is not good people should avoid three kinds of exercise: joint weight-bearing exercise, such as running, climbing; frequent need to twist the knee joint exercises, such as dancing and so on; repeated squatting exercise。
  While swimming, cycling and stretching the lower load-bearing joints and other activities are ideal。