Healthy sleep an average of seven hours per night。
Scientists also confirmed that a small number of people during sleep, reducing the causes of weight loss, not fat, to lose by muscles, bones, organs composed of "net weight", is harmful to health。PS: After less yo!  Harm 1.The skin condition is getting worse Said a woman to rely on sleep to keep a lot if they lose enough sleep, this skin condition also will be poor。The best time to skin care is 22:00 to 14:00, if this time is not sleeping well, then the body's endocrine and nervous system will suffer damage, skin will become worse and worse, harm a woman's first injury skin is。
  2.Deterioration of eyesight Many people know the long-term there will be "panda eyes", but this is not as simple as dark circles, eye fatigue in the state just appeared, the eyes are not fully rest, vision becomes weak, appear dry, etc. situation, but also easy to appear dry eye, etc.。  Too tired eyes is likely to cause retinitis, blurred vision and other problems in order to solve these problems。
So we are bound to reduce the chance of。
  3.After low immunity, a lot of people feel lack of energy, it is prone to fatigue busy this case because the body organs do not get proper rest, so long, the body's immune system to fall dramatically。
If immunocompromised people itself, this time many diseases will swoop。
  4.Sympathetic rest time memory is more and more police at night, in the excited state during the day, if under the circumstances, sympathetic nerve is in a state of excitement。
So during the day, it is difficult sympathetic in the excited state, which will be memory loss, poor attention, headaches, etc.。  Fives.Easily lose a lot of girls should find such a problem, wait until after night, his face from time to time to take some of the acne。The reason for this is because people in long-term physical work load in this case functional disorders are prone to, which is lit symptoms。
  So be sure to pay more attention to add water, avoid eating when not coffee instead of water, this will only deepen the situation you get angry。  Women have a lot of harm, and the most common reason is that five or more of these types, the more we need to keep in mind, be careful not to commit these mistakes oh!  It is a modern life often hear or do a phenomenon, the human body is a danger to bad habits。
But the pressure of the times, and sometimes have to stay up all night, people can not eat, and ultimately occasionally stay up late, "Night Cat" family。How do skin care stay up all night?。