3, sexual restraint heavy manual labor will hurt gas, mental overweight can damage blood, excessive labor room fine hurt。
Therefore, we must do what, labor degree, sexual intercourse section。In this way it helps Yang Shen protect the kidney essence。
4, Jin Yang Shen swallow saliva in the mouth is divided into two parts: A thin as saliva, the main by the spleen; is thick saliva, the main by the kidney。
You can do an experiment, a saliva mouth spit it took less than a day, you will feel the waist and knees, fatigue。This, in turn prove, swallowing the body fluid to nourish kidney essence, play and kidneys role。5, wary of whether the drug or medicine, there are some side effects, some drugs mufti can damage the kidneys, so when the medication should be vigilant, to carefully read the instructions, need long-term use of certain drugs, to consult experts。Water is the source of life。
Lack of liquid water, it may cause toxic cloud of the lag, increased kidney burden。Thus, the timing of drinking water is very important method of Yang Shen。6, good foot protection foot warm Yang Shen is one way。This is because the kidney plays in the foot, but the foot is very vulnerable to the cold。Therefore, pay special attention to the foot warm, not your feet is on the air conditioning or fans to sleep; not long walk barefoot in damp places。Spring how kidney 7, movement Yang Shen Life is movement。By virtual sports Yang Shen correct, is worth advocating positive measures。Exercise methods here to introduce you to help Yang Shen correct virtual and easy to learn: two hands on the rub the palm of heat, were put to the waist, the palm, the waist down, to hot flu。May sooner or later again, about 200 times per pass。This exercise can kidney qi。8, do not tolerate urinary bladder urine reservoir reaches a certain level, it will stimulate the nerve to produce micturition reflex。
Then we must go to the toilet in time, will be a clean urine row。Otherwise, the accumulated will become a water small cloud of gas, kidney damage。One of the best ways Accordingly, when the urine will be discharged, also Yang Shen。