Elderly people who drink tea Kudzu Pueraria has nothing to improve brain blood circulation effect, have better efficacy relieve headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and lumbar acid leg pain and other symptoms caused due to high blood pressure。 Drinking tea has Pueraria often a significant effect on the treatment of hypertension, its production method will Pueraria cut into thin slices, 30 g per day, add water boiling as a tea。   Tea called lotus heart Plumula means an intermediate green lotus germ, which is a very bitter taste, but has excellent antihypertensive effect fat。 With 12 g lotus, water brew tea with future, once a day, morning and evening to drink, in addition to decreased blood pressure, as well as heat, soothe the nerves, the cardiac effects。
  Cassia Cassia tea have lower blood pressure, blood fat, Liver eyesight and other effects。
Regular consumption of cassia seed tea has specific treatment for high blood pressure。 Several times a day with 15-20 grams of cassia flood damage on behalf of the tea, as good as the treatment of high blood pressure, dizziness, blurred vision of the wonderful products。
  Mistletoe mistletoe herbal tea for the kidney to the blood agent。
Clinical medicine show, with mistletoe decoction of tea, with significant secondary effects on the treatment of hypertension。 Mistletoe tea production method is to take Loranthaceae dried 15 g, boiling 15 minutes after drinking, daily morning and evening。   5 kinds of absolutely can not drink tea tea。
Tea contains large amounts of caffeine, theophylline, a strong irritant, drinking tea can cause insomnia, headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, not good for the stomach。
  Geye。 Geye, in particular, changed the taste of tea, breed, breed a lot of bacteria, etc.。
In addition, a large number of tea residual tannins will become a strong irritant oxides cause irritation to the stomach。   Cold tea。
Tea should be hot drinks。
Warm tea, hot tea can make people mental state Shuang Chang, paying attention; cold tea on the body, there are cold stagnation, poly sputum side effects。   Hot tea。 Tea are generally brewed with water at a high temperature, but not consumed at high water temperature。 Too hot tea on human throat, esophagus and stomach to stimulate stronger。 Tea temperature should be below 56 ℃。   Head tea。
Modern tea will inevitably be pesticides, fertilizers, dust and other pollution in the process of planting, processing, packaging of。 Head tea is actually a tea wash water should be drained as soon as possible。
Pesticide residues in tea may not only cause chronic toxicity, can cause acute poisoning, especially greater dangers to children。