The cumulative death toll of Hong Kong flu is almost equal to 295 300 mark || According to Hong Kong "Ming Pao Daily News" reported that the Hong Kong to 27 noon, 6 more flu deaths, the cumulative death toll was 295, almost equal to the 300 mark。 Stay of the intensive care unit or death associated with influenza, has recorded a 398, almost equal to the 400 mark。 In addition, Hong Kong's first case of this year appears invasive meningococcal cases, the patient is a 32-year-old healthy woman, Tuesday from fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and rash, is now in stable。 32-year-old woman dyeing meningococcal this year, the first case of influenza 27 6 dead aged between 73 years old to 98 years old。 To 27 noon, no increase in child flu deaths, for 1 person, serious complications associated with the flu for 17 people。
A CHP spokesman said people infected with meningococcal incidence on Tuesday, the next day to private doctors, the same day referral Princess Margaret Hospital emergency room。
Since hypotension and shock, transferred the intensive care unit in stable condition after treatment。 Laboratory tests revealed that the patient's blood sample with meningococcal。
Recently patient had no travel, her home contacts are asymptomatic。 Last year, Hong Kong had five cases of meningococcal infection。
Saudi Arabia increased 4 Middle East respiratory syndrome cases In addition, the Department of Health is closely monitoring, new cases notified by the Saudi Yarra Bowang Guo WHO's four Middle East respiratory syndrome, including one death。 The victim was 58-year-old female patient with a previously diagnosed patients staying in the same ward, cases handled by the same health care。
The remaining three new cases were male, aged between 46 years old to 58 years old。 46-year-old patient, diagnosed earlier with three patients staying in the same ward, cases handled by the same group of health care workers。
Another risk factor is not in contact with the patient within the incubation period of 58 years。
Another 51-year-old patient is chronically ill, within the incubation period had consumed untreated camel milk。