Pei Xiangdong certainly do not know of his life, the two most important people, a Flatters he was, the other was worried for him, he just felt good state of their own, whether physical, mental, are in the best moment, should he not wait to run, but unfortunately still today preliminaries.
  ”Admission.”With the licensing staff to guide the admission, mostly a row of people do not know, professional training background, his face looked much more calm, and some school school team sent, it seems to be more helpless, a You will be able to 深圳桑拿按摩distinguish open.
  Pei Xiangdong before the game and did not strike up a conversation and people thought, but in his own habits, gently make a fist, hammer hammer runway, according to Wang coach to say, it is probably in his two too far, after all, are not flat track , the hammer force will be hurt, even a rainy day can rub on a lot of small dust, can Pei Xiangdong always feel like this track and in exchange, well, it was a little silly.
  He has been adjusted in accordance with their customary good starting blocks, standing on the platform of the Starter round making noises, in accordance with their passes, everyone has been ready to do is squat, leaning over the standard posture, the hand stays to, this, eyes can see, only the runway, can not the time to relax the body, according to Pei Xiangdong simple to understand, and that is not 爱上海龙凤419网to let the body and heart “cold” down, keeping tight, just waiting for the final gave the order.
  Stadium and not for the game at this quiet, next to the field events still going on, there are other venues of players are warming up, the crowd can be a foot ab