”Well, I’ll watch the.”Liu did not unpleasant, just laugh, let me see it out.
  ?Autumn province, not the cold, but rather with a summe北京夜网r exhaust so that heat is intended to extend for a long time, not much wind today, blowing over, anti feel comfortable.
  Pei Xiangdong warm-up has been basically completed, he charged like a cell phone to a hundred percent, wanton increase the brightness, vibrant, but also from time to time jumping tap or two, relax the limbs.
  ”This child.”Coach Wang hand pockets, look no moment away from Pei Xiangdong body,” not with tension.”Pei Xiangdong In a sense, be regarded as a direct descendant of his, and the team other city transport team, other coaches mining, trained from an early age children are not the same, like a cut and polish diamonds in the rough not experienced in his careful under teaches that a little bit to emit light.For Pei Xiangdong Wang has always been very concerned about the coach, back in the good days ago, I notice北京夜网d that he was not quite right mood, he secretly bent angles and lay the Li Zhengping ask a few back, finally piece together the reason.
  Then he shook his head, helpless want to laugh, yes, this is after all a child, would be busy because of my father, he is not willing to own a rare look at the race, I felt lost, 天津夜网not Coach Wang delays, specially hit phone, not to say a few words, Pei Naochun immediately agreed, then he is only heard from the other mouth, turned silly child, and the family did not even say say.
  This morning, the scene did not take long before he found Pei Xiangdong entire human