This is indeed not a lie, but expanded the scope, that is their own son sports Well!
  ”Happens to know insiders point, I ask a few words.”He twice ridicule.
  Liu is also quite recognize this statement, he was shot with what CBA and his ilk, met a lot of folk lovers, who all is what big brother forum, paste it great God, very established position: “What are your main shoot sprint?”
  ”.Ok!”Pei N北京夜网aochun nod, strictly speaking, he is the only powder Starchaser circle, only to do work for the exclusive output Pei Xiangdong, if someone photographed, it is only incidentally.
  ”Also, it is a multi-track field events than those enthusiasts.”Liu Speaking of sports to talking,” but let’s provinces, as well as domestic, in this respect is not OK, out of a trapeze, enough of everyone’s attention, and just do not know, these children can not go Province , to the World Cup glory for the country.”
  To be elected to the provincial team, and basically the leader, can be screened to the national team, that they have to eliminate a number, if able to attend the World Cup on the Internet, they are few, and now a stadium contestants, Maybe do not have three years, there is a majority of people want to quit the game, hard exercise these years, it has become or bitter or sweet memories.
  ”Will do.”Pei Naochun vowed,” I believe he can do.”
  Liu did not speak, just looked at the runway, but designed to run all the sports for a long time, or the situation on the domestic sports a clear understanding of people know that domestic projects over short distances, indee深圳桑拿网d, been very “bleak”, anything can grab a, wait for them bragging, said the trapeze, just one day after the blaze swept past, simply gather people’s attention, because of this, who gathered a great pressure, this time a retired, raised a storm.
  ”Really, look at him, this child really run fast.”Al