ew of the world北京风月网, most of the phone quite developed, or else with a film camera, that camera is not a difficult thing.

  It can be thought originally to shoot people running, so hard!
  Pei Naochun painstaking research, this carefully choose a full set of equipment, two cameras, several lenses, which spent a lot of money, he did not heard the phrase three generations of poor photography, SLR ruined his life, or else will that makes sense.
  Finally thought he was fully equipped, and no one thought, lost in the camera on the rope is too short, and he has read a lot of posts posted on it, those professional camera, the camera is the rope hanging in the neck, can this rope is not long enough, he sat down, the camera hanging over his chest, he sent did not become too heavy ostrich.
  ”You say that this is how was it Pei Xiangdong?”Next to someone came ov杭州夜网论坛er, he had just heard half.
  Li Ru remember, she immediately helped, said: “I know I know, this Pei Xiangdong, in?County and city of their games, the 50 m, 100 m, 200 m400 meters of the first all-inclusive, and also broke several records, heard and recorded almost all provinces Games of it!This was not trained when he reported to the competition of 200 m and 400 m, it is estimated again to break their own, chances are broken record gave!”
  ”Ok.”Pei Naochun nodded his head, recognized the other’s argument, then passing mention a mouth,” provincial team that Li Zhengping students, but also quite good, is good at running straight, it can sprint, it is reported back to 50 meters and 100 meters.”When he and his son chat, these teammates will talk about the province’s team, he also learned a lot.
  ”Well ah.”The man thoughtfully,” Well, this time we track the provincial team here, very likely it is to break several records?”
  ”Not so sure, but a conservative estimate is possible.”Pei Naochun once again changed hands, wrists blinded.
  ”brothers.”The man smiled and came over, very warm,” You complete equipment kinda way, no one stuck