”I think it took me.”He never changed his tune.
  ”Then we bet!”Li Zhengping admit defeat,” if he is to shoot you, I while doing push-ups on the floor, calling your boss!If he did not shoot you, then.”He chuckled twice, quite tinkling Joseph, he can position the boss coveted for a long time, can be called the best team performance of Pei Xiangdong told him the boss is!
  Pei Xiangdong淡水桑拿网 looked at his eyes a bit strange: “Are you sure?”
  ”Of course, you will not be afraid to bet on it?”In the face of gambling will win, Li Zhengping especially excited.
  ”Then you do not regret.”Pei Xiangdong soon as he finished, with the other hand is pulled in the past made a sealed agreement, but he more than Li Zhengping have confidence, because it stands a man, he is too familiar.
  ”Yes, that, young man wearing fluorescent green clothes, the board inch!”
  Originally staggered to sit in the stands, I do not know why, there are a lot of people gathered together, listened attentively the middle man to take the camera’s “correspondents” Commentary.
  ”So powerful it!”Li Ru’s boyfriend is today’s referee, she came and others, had bored, I heard someone behind in helping explain, they invariably getting in the way, other special professional equipment, two cameras hanging around his neck one she knew, was expensive digital camera, and the other, it is the legendary SLR, a boss, looking to sink to her formidable.
  ”Yes!”Pei Naochun take the camera holding hands are sore, changed hands, he faces calm, but in reality almost broken neck.
  His acti北京夜网vities for today, has been prepared for a long time, what photography-related stick went to the bar looked a long time, ever more foggy may, in the future, taking pictures is a simple live three hundred sixty degrees without dead stereoscopic shooting What effect can be adjusted in the light of brain; he experienced a f