”This morning was first performed, is 200 meters preliminaries, to the east, you are the third set of fourth road.Start 苏州夜网400 m eleven preliminaries, the sixth channel of the second group east.”Coach Wang facing the Assembly Manual, one by one account, and so he had pulled the man to do it View entry.
  ”Good stands deserted.”Pei Xiangdong Li Zhengping and could not help but Tucao,” the last time I’ve seen on the Internet, people?Province Youth Games, venues smaller than this, to do a special people, great atmosphere, and there applauded it.”
  ”You’re not afraid not hear the Fa gun.”Pei Xiangdong Britain habitually trot to pace the floor, let the body heat up, could not help but wonder,” But why is it?”
  ”You do not understand it?”Li Zhengping a lot of experience,” people?Province and we are not the same, conveying a lot of talent to the national team, if available, people will come to make a speech or something, those media, that it may not get first-hand information?Why do we have this interview, perhaps in another ten years, who do not know who the!”He comes Tucao.
  ”So this is.”
  ”That is not.”Li Zhengping hand blocking the light, overlooking a circle, hand stands at the west means that very good position, facing the finish line, of course, no one above, swearing, n北京夜网o one even chaos do know that he soon found the target, “you see, that look that television and reporters, people also equip it with!Then a camera boss!”He is also not quite understand, all the people from that to find out.
  Pei Xiangdong follow each other’s hand look at the past, then that startled agitated in the.
  ”Well, go warm up, why do you watch?Not our thing, they will not beat us.”Li Zhengping waved his hand indifferently.
  ”No, I think he had come to take my.”Pei Xiangdong suddenly smiled, touched his nose, not the nerve.
  ”You’re a good thick skinned ah!”Li Zhengping was shocked, felt mistaken Pei Xiangdong,” Bro