In fact, the change more than you?And I did not think much, father and son separated by three or four hours’ drive, normally even fewer have met only by virtue of this information, telephone communication with each other.But those words from the mouth of the father, but changed the meaning, we have had the opposite experience Pei Xiangdong.
  Of course, if the father stood before him, he proba苏州龙凤网bly still would like, stuck, do not send it a?
  ?The overall level of provincial movement has always been very good, not as some provinces and cities, will be listed directly adolescent level of the game alone, or start, but overall the merger, the unified organization of the provincial Games, then p深圳桑拿网ress group to more than, like this level of competition, not many people understand always, the competition venues and staff than the audience is much more to come.
  Thirteenth?Provincial Games are held in the capital of what Xie stadium, the venue is located in the outskirts of the provincial capital and a half, has just completed a year early, from the appearance, the overall shape is oval spread, the choice of silver-blue paint finishes, rather technological sense, because the is the venue for the first major event to enable the parties very seriously, overstating the size of the competition, the overall referees, management, all to the national level by Qi.
  Provincial team of people come in, that is a mighty, it caused a lot of attention, C province and elsewhere are not the same, there are two economically developed prefecture-lev苏州夜网el city, the city equipped to attract a lot young athletes, strength is not more than the province is poor, on both sides of each other signs, looking at each other, forcing up the chin, Pei Xiangdong this is not such a high-profile person, it fit in among the group, Mian Bude