Many words have been keeping everything inside, you can just say it, there is an exceptionally heavy force.
  Pei Xiangdong stared at his father, waved, the two lopsided, the day he looked back at his father many, many times, do not know to open his mouth to say something, fortunately, the phone at this time and have actually become a bridge in the absence of face to face, people always more courageous few, Rao is Pei Xiangdong, also finally able to say something more sincere and father then, and now, throw out the case, and not to fight back shop bonnet face of a scolding – –
  [Dad苏州桑拿, today I am training performance is not very good, the coach said I was not content muscles, began to adjust my diet.]
  Process [all right, everything has to adapt, I take it, I believe coach.] If in the past, this should already tell you to pay attention to diet, do not eat the food total, which soon too thin?
  [Not in accordance with the orders of the coach, could not help but secretly practicing the two movements, almost strain, has been criticized coach.]
  [Strained better yet?what did the doctor say?What is more important than the body, we want to follow the coach’s plan.] Previous version, should you and I say a hundred times?To listen to the coach, then why did not you given a free hand up?You also terrific trainer than others?You can do your own Lord?
  [Today’s test track and field team, I have got the first 400 met广州桑拿ers and 200 meters, the coach said that my technique is very prominent corner, he suggested that I participate 4X100-meter individual training, I agree with the.]
  [The great!I know you can do it, if not a burden to you, train with it.] Before my father, probably the fastest speed reply, this is t