Before March 21, excellent letter Research Institute released the "excellent letter in February 2018 Consumer Reports Used Car"。 Overall, the Chinese New Year holiday did not reduce the heat market, used car showing a more active consumer trends。
2017 first emerged in the consumer groups, the purchase terms of the characteristics of the region, in February of this year show a more in-depth, younger and consumption upgrade irreversible sinking。
  80 for the first time let the terms "half" After 90 users accounting for nearly three consumer groups, car users share declined 80% to% year on year, for the first time let the "half"; and the proportion of car users 90 showed the opposite trend, compared with the same period rose by mid-2017% to%, refrain。
  For now, after 80 second-hand cars are still the main consumer groups。
But with the car needs into the community after 90 show, coupled with the rise of the popularity of car consumption and consumer finance, and highly cost-effective used car is a good car is undoubtedly the ideal choice。 It is foreseeable that 90 will gradually become the main consumer groups used car, the proportion of consumption will maintain stable growth。