bath towe广州桑拿网l, the probe came in track and field team dormitory some relatively old, is one of the two men, he caught a look of adultery,” Hmmm, I this can tell, girlfriend.”

  ”.”Pei Xiangdong frustration, quietly shutting the book, in fact, the father of these specially made for him useless, the ranks have special education teacher and guidance with the team doctor, can for him, but still this book is a treasure, he put it carefully packed, back into the lockers in.
  ”Yes, your luggage is not a good income?”Li Zhengping suddenly remembered that he did it in the afternoon, Wang coach announced in the ranks?Provincial Youth Games track and field team dispatched candidates, of which he is also Pei Xiangdong.
  ”Well received.”Pei Xiangdong should he altogether how many things they do not bring, so two pieces of clothing.
  ”And do not look to your home?”Li Zhengping is the countryside of his home to see his little game, just because a trip to spend no small effort.
  ”No, my dad is a doctor, busy.”Pei Xiangdong’s voice was low, he knows his father is busy, did not tell his father directly, from A county to the province, you have to ride four hours in 苏州桑拿网a day back and forth, and my father a week to have a day off, we can not leave.
  Before he trained, that from my father received another gift, a large color screen of a certain brand music phone also comes with inside game, you can send a message, call, father and son on weekdays links thanks to this.
  That day in the center of the door, say goodbye to his father, who carries the package, left hand holding a cell phone box, then exceptionally dismay and hugged him, obviously quite nauseating things can really embrace the moment, only full of sadness.
  Wang coach standing near the location, the father against his ear and spoke softly: “the East, I’m sorry, father of the future will more than pay you a compliment, you are really good, and very good.”
  When father and son separated, the two came face red, Pei Xiangdong never thoug