Pei Xiangdong slips surprised a moment, and my father just distance, Min Zhaochun not say anything, just head whispered.
  ”You are really great.”This time he did not hold on, but managed to stand, alcohol fits and starts.
  He was drunk, so he should send him back to the room, and Pei Xiangdong case to convince myself, but subconsciously may answer: “No, I never knew.”Maybe Dad was too drunk, head tilt to see him, blinked, as if did not understand.
  Pei Xiangdong is now much better than his father shorter, had 北京夜网little to look up to him to follow the father, now also lines on together, can in his heart, he was always still that little, only know so stare looked up at adults, arms always look forward to, but never being disappointed.
  ”I know how it?”He laughed bleak,” You know?This is the first time.Can not be considered for the first ti杭州桑拿洗浴me, it would not be the first time yesterday.”Dad’s eyes full of confusion, but instead may Pei Xiangdong feel lucky, if it is awake at the time of my father, he can not say anything.
  ”You praise me, you know the famous multi-rare praise it?Rare to me for so many years and so on, to wait until a return.”He joked,” In fact, many people praise me, really, teachers, students.But for me, their ten thousand, but better than you sentence.”
  Night, everything turned into a quiet, even peaceful district are down, from the outside, only the occasional sound of motorcycle theft, maneuver the small half-day, the lights of the house, drunken Pei Naochun been sitting on the bed, the state is not against the wall sober, standing teenager, stubbornly holding his fist, his eyes seemed to have a vague tears.
  ”You said.I will be proud, I’l杭州夜网论坛l arrogant, I should get education.I do too proud?I feel like I never owned this thing, in front of everyone, especially your heart, I was a downright waste, to no avail.”He quite at a loss,” Look, you praise me so suddenly one, is that I disagree, but I actually, secretly, I feel particularly happy