Pei Xiangdong into the house, the habit of sitting in the front desk, in front of a textbook, but can not look, ears bristling, house sound insulation is not good, even if it shut tight the door, the door can hear the hustle and bustle that point clear he heard a few words, is planning to find something to pass the time, they heard a loud uncle at home two iconic.
  Second uncle in the whole family is very authoritative, his wide knowledge, people who know too much, and feel the fresh blanket, drinking, and perh北京风月会所aps the top, full of air, he spoke on: “Naochun , your home is not always east to test very good for you?Why should apprenticed to what sports!Good to read more books, graduation, even if could not find work, we can arrange.”He is not interested in sports, is not optimistic.
  Although it is known eavesdropping bad, one to two words uncle, Pei Xiangdong was posted in the past tense, like a Spider-Man, the hands and feet attached to the paving open, ear to the door, hoping to teach from the door drilled to.
  Pei Naochun vague voice: “He’s like, I let him go.”
  ”Nonsense.”Two uncle a pound the table, the greater the sound,” which is so simple school sports?He was east of us grew up watching childhood did not show anything extraordinary talent, like to go, there is a bloody fool, if it is not?Wasted months and then come back?”
  Pei Xiangdong extremely nervous, for fear that two uncle广州桑拿网 directly to my father persuaded a change of heart.
  ”Cousin.”Although called two uncle, in fact, he and his father are cousins, Pei Naochun sound followed by a large” east have this ability, but also have the talent, I believe that when the father he!”
  His sonorous voice, even in the room could hear clearly: “If he wants to do, I’ll support him, but I also believe he can do it.”
  ”OK, you say the line on the line, how can