He quite seriously beginning to explain, trying to tell the other side, he practiced this thing right, neither basketball nor a hurdle, but can not get the World Cup football’s highest honor.But they did not listen fully, I found myself a simple idea, are practicing sports, you can have much difference?Like a hundred pass through, a big deal to switch to other exercises, simple.
  Even if just flights of fancy, they did not forget to take a photo, Pei Xiangdong feel like a zoo animal was sent to do the show, obediently sitting there, waiting for relatives to fly him to come around, clutch his, it is Bie, but also touch, straight and athletes say they are taking pictures, but he obviously, it can not be considered an athlete?
  To this, Pe都市夜网i Xiangdong ass sit still, can not wait to run away, but may face because of relatives, had obediently sat down, then there are two very familiar with the aunts and uncles to chat with him, they say is, their children at home, Pei Xiangdong did not know so and so, this year in swimming, running, on a very talented ball game北京养生会所s, you want to let him lead the way, helping to be a teacher, guidance guide.Upon hearing this, he immediately embarrassed shame, he himself half a bucket of water sloshing, thanks to talent, teach people not fraught with you?Even if he really learned not to do the teacher’s level of human ah.
  He looked around in confusion, not knowing what to do, but what my father discovered this scene, he came over holding the glass, for he had an excuse, saying that bl