L杭州桑拿i Zhengping can not help revealing look gossip: “There, you send text messages to contact every night who that is.”He very excited,” is not a girlfriend, good or bad?”
  ”Not.”Pei Xiangdong decided to break his fantasy.
  ”Really is not?”Li Zhengping look at him suspiciously,” that.Last time into your dorm, you turned what that book is?Not your girlfriend to write a love letter?”Pei Xiangdong and they are not the same, though they are anchored on the outside of?Provinces and one may be far has been very good, usually a dormitory on reading, except not quite right, is that he always took in this exceptionally formal black leather book in hand, and do not take each other.
  ”This ah.”Pei Xiangdong prolonged the case, Li Zhengping tempt the appetite,” is the secret.”He blurted out, wore Li Zhengping angry little eyes and pulled him into 苏州桑拿the venue to continue training.
  He did not lie to Li Zhengping, this is a secret between him and the father of two people.
  That day a month ago, Pei Xiangdong with his father back home, father and son sat relatively rare, but invariably chose to remain silent, except at the discretion Pei Naochun is to say something苏州桑拿网, but Pei Xiangdong, but it is a word not want to say.
  ”I will regret it?”Pei Naochun spoke unthinking.
  ”will not.”His answer was firm.
  Pei Naochun just look at him quietly: “Even if there may not train performance, there may be badly bruised?”
  ”Ok!”He did not hesitate to blurt out, perhaps his emotional teenager, may have what this world is no risk of it?Even the consistently good reading, looking for work, there are no read no books, probability find a good job of it?He just exceptionally well aware that he wants to try!
  ”Then go.”
  Pei Xiangdong heard that, involuntarily opened her mouth, stared at his father, he thought, so clear-cut before the father, even if he no