Lemon slices soaked role, I believe many people will usually have the habit of drinking, lemonade which is one of the most important one drink, then the lemon slices soaked together and what role small series to see lemon slices soaked in water it introduces the role of!1 lemon slices soaked effect, whitening due to the lemon vitamin content is very rich, so is the beauty of lemonade to share, to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation, play a whitening effect; 2, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease prevention and control can also drink lemonade cardiovascular disease because calcium can ease lemonade promote blood coagulation effect, it is possible to prevent and treat hypertension and secondary myocardial infarction; 3, prevention of kidney stones lemonade contains large amounts of citrate, calcium salt crystallization can be suppressed, thereby preventing formation of kidney stones, or even possible to patients with chronic kidney stones partially reduced, fewer。 The annual meeting of the American Urological Association published research also shows that, drunk with lemon juice beverages can increase the level of citrate in the urine, the chemicals can prevent urinary mineral crystals form kidney stones in the kidney that is。
Lemon soaked action shown in FIG. 4, enhance immunity Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it has anti-bacterial, improving immunity, help collagen formation and other effects, often drink lemonade, vitamin C ^ can。 One day when a cold drink lemonade 500 to 1000 ml, can reduce runny nose, cold bulk something else, particularly just cold and to be without medication。
In addition to antibacterial and boost the immune system, as well as appetizers digestion, thirst and hot weather effect。