”what are you doing?”Dur杭州龙凤网ing the change the sound, the original sound cool and bright young and dumb and thick, Li Zhengping came a tiger flutter sheep, jumping over hanging on the shoulders Pei Xiangdong, he knew propriety, not too hard, his face wearing a curious smile.
  Pei Xiangdong casually replied: “Look what day.”be in?When the county, do not think that there is anything in particular, may, after leaving, even looking at the sky, watching the roadside flowers and trees, can think of all sorts in his hometown to see, of course, remember that to stay at home people.
  ”Are there any good.”Li Zhengping follow the rise, grumbling to complain,” the day does not look good here, the time I invite you to our house, the big evening, lying on top of the hillside, stretch your hand up, like stars in Like hands.”Even so saying, he did not go, just stood there, his head and two together, stare at a dark blue, even the moon can not find the day.
  Pei Xiangdong into the provincial team training, has been a month early, and his team into the test, the indicators, the real race results are good, a lot of the original players carefully guard for fear of being top of his po苏州夜网sition, after all it is?Provincial sports such a desert, a year can be mingled indicators are the number of expatriate hand over someone up, you have someone down, furthermore, the provincial track and field team this is hardly wages, the main income source, or is that subsidies and after winning bonus when looking at the race, the competition is not just to dream, but also to bread.
  Can not the same as Li Zhengping, a dozen Pei Xiangdong into the team, started and played almost his sleeve, a lot in the past to train with a friend, and that he is a traitor, betrayed them, think of these, he just wanted to curl one’s