I stood up, muzzled laugh, “joking with you, you seriously, you color this loss.”Yi hit a new arms look.
  Easy New shook do not exist goose bumps, “watch less messy network scripts okay?”
  I wash my face with warm, simple tidy out.
  Yi new standing in the doorway waiting for me, “my sister and your dad are a bit strange.”
  I wear shoes in the porch, “Which is strange?”
  ”It feels like they are sick, I thought I was in love.”
  I took the door, “Which son of a bitch to spread gossip, how could you do such a thing love Wanwusangzhi.”
  Yi new hands in his coat pocket, “or do you compare me to understand.”
  I looked down guiltily, incorporated into the shoulder-length hair hat.
  ”A ball of chocolate ice cream.”I shook the hands of the membership card.
  Yi new black face, “said the trouble to her for a hot drink, just which one.”
  I looked easy new and easy new look at me, less than a minute in the eye.
  New easy to take away my membership card, “entrusted by the people, loyalty and business of the people.”
  I will head on his shoulders Yi new, faint sigh.
  The new card is easy to go from the crevices breaking my finger, “said