[It depends on the owner claiming rights or not it?]
  [I was a bucket of gold powder children, the troupe did affirm the need to turn the play of their application for authorization]
  [This live it be for commercial gain?I do not have money ah]
  [But warm air in the broadcast, it should be made money?I only care about these people will not bring trouble to the little fairy]
  [If so to speak, so many anchors, singing and dancing, are infringed?]
  [This is people do not move officials do not study, do not care about no one cares owner]
  [Domestic] too weak awareness of copyright
  [Foreign remake also cover ah, do not give money to the owner?]
  Lu seven wrinkled brow, then Guoya Jie mean, obviously, it was their own adaptation, not a bucket of gold troupe works.Although she said be ambiguous, but the meaning is very clear, but if true court, also will not lose more than half.But this reputation, stink.
  A small troupe bucket of gold, land seventy-one know.They are a bunch of young, spare time, to prepare their own clothes and props, own film adaptation, made a small video sent to the Internet, the early dance dub spoof, there are a number of good young face value, or the popular classic repertoire, do creative adaptation.Many fans of the group, do the contents are also positive, very good response.
  ”To stop it?”Zhang Yun asked.