According to the report, in mid-2017 China Resources Snow beer sales for the million KL, YoY%, outperforming the industry average beer market share to further improve。 According to national statistics, according to the data, in mid-2017, the national beer output for the million KL, this calculation, China Resources Snow beer market share has increased to about%。   China Resources Breweries CEO Hou Xiaohai said: "The mid-2017, Chinese beer product structure gradually changing, high-grade beer sales become the main force to promote the industry revenue growth。 The Group in mid-2017 around 'quality growth, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development' three management themes, implementation of reorganization, re-branding, production optimization, lean sales, channel alteration, change operations etc.。
Through the implementation of rebranding initiatives to enhance the high-end beer sales, and by deepening the channel-building initiatives in order to enhance the competitiveness of channels, the Group continued to achieve double beer sales and sales price growth, market share also been enhanced。 "。