She had been returning home after tossing, moving several times here about the intentions of finishing her most places, that is, the study.
  Study desk, now spread with a little turn to the rearmost students yearbook.
  This is the only life XIA away a Classmates, because people grow up, and then to the university, they rarely get these things.The child, in addition to experimental high school, she hardly and seriously, and students had graduated together.
  This Classmates, she really made very carefully.Experimental High School for two years because I think that when she was reading the most cheerful day so even took it to the city to accompany her to college.
  Plus there are the class instructor, left out of the signature.There everyone graduation large photo.Laughing and joking thirty-two photographs taken when there are spring and autumn tour games.
  The back of the inside pages, or sorted by the first letter of the name.
  Xiao is the first letter of the original Y, so turn from the back, very soon will be able to turn to.That paper