Chapter 132 strange phenomenon

  East Bay villa, hidden rage leaves!
  He never expected the woman to poison grass today so many people under the poison, but does it happen that the next target he needs most successful insanity!
  Grass poison woman kneeling in front of the hidden leaf, head down without a word, she does not know how to face their own masters, all because she knows she’s not careful, otherwise it would not become like this now the.
  But most grass poison woman regret was not she did not succeed Chen diving under the poison, but originally prepared under Chen diving insanity she accidentally under the girl’s body, that and she never met was willing for her to come forward out of the girl who.
  This is done in this life she felt the most wrong thing.
  Today the whole table that offended her by her fellow all under the insanity!She wanted all these people are dead tomorrow!
  But she does not want to hurt the girl, but Guchong just how powerful she was very clear, the girl simply could not carry.
  ”I told you how many times!Without my permission under absolutely not at liberty to insanity!”Ye hidden angry shouted:” You start to so many people, those who once accident, people will be survey!We can not find a better, once found out, you