Later, Lin raw legs trembled, untenable, or Yao Ji ceremony held him go into the room to clean toilets.
  Since the last time Lin was born, Yao Ji ceremony in the room prepared with clean clothes, especially underwear.Dressed help forest health, Yao Ji ceremony held him, lying in bed, “to sleep about it?”
  Forest Health’s eyes was the boss and bright, a good sleep last night, now just a little tired body, but the spirit is also particularly good.
  Yao Ji ceremony is not how the storm, and his tenderness for a moment, just a moment to deal with the outside is a mess of their downtown office, holding a notebook is back.
  Lin-sheng took her hand, looked at his stack of paper printed, the next moment, these paper was stuffed into his hands.Yao Ji ceremony climbed into bed:
  ”The company recently received the book, I picked out a few of these, but also, you do not like to see.”
  As a result, forest health pillow on his lap, took the script looks.In the first paragraph of this we see the first time, it was inside story attracted over, but soon, his clothes collar was Yao Ji ceremony to kick up.
  ”Taken together, this is not good for the eyes