[Global Times special correspondent in the United States] Sun Wei face red book faced a new crisis, the US Cable News Network (CNN) 19 after day so a review of the situation facing Facebook。
Recently, the US media at the time of digging out incidentally Bertrand ordinary Russian news caused a scandal US political and scientific community in shock and even cause reactions in Europe: 50 million American Facebook user information is to grasp a company to help Bertrand Cape won the election in 2016。 While Facebook and self-justification put the blame on the British company Cambridge analysis body, but public opinion, the matter caused great harm to the brand Facebook, Facebook is considered to be vulnerable to political groups manipulated platform。 The incident also prompted Western public opinion calling for the protection of personal privacy and data sharing through legislation to regulate。
  March 17, Facebook announced a temporary ban nepotism two institutions, is to provide a strategic communication laboratory data analysis and strategic decisions for the global official bodies, the other is a data analysis company whose subsidiaries Cambridge analysis, the company is located in London, but by the former assistant Bannon Trump and Republican gold master Robert·Mercer bankrolled, but had de-analysis of public opinion on the EU referendum famous in Britain。
  According to the US "New York Times" and the British "Observer News" reports, the whole thing originated in the Cambridge University psychology professor Cogan。
A few years ago he developed a psychological test applet running on a parasitic Facebook platform, and requires the user to authorize the reward program get their own Facebook profile and friend information。
Facebook said the company, a total of 270,000 Facebook users to download the application。
But by snowballing, the program eventually got 50 million US Facebook users' data, and the data will be sold privately Cambridge analysis。 Third quarter, the total number of US voters total nearly 50 million active users of Facebook US。
According to reports, Cambridge analyzed data obtained using the user analysis model, accurate information push even false information, thus affecting the user's choice, help Trump won the 2016 general election。   According to the "New York Times" reported on the 20th, Facebook's chief information security officer will resign。
Facebook users information leakage after the news was disclosed, triggered regulatory concerns, the market reacted strongly, Facebook shares fell 19%, continue down after the opening 20。 20, 2009, the US Congress, the European Parliament and the UK Parliament require Facebook CEO Zuckerberg arrived at the scene, for clarification of user data leakage events。
  Europe also react strongly to this。
The European Commission said in a statement on the 19th: From the EU's point of view, Facebook users' personal data being abused for political purposes, which is not acceptable。
EU Information Commissioner Qiaoluo Wa visit the United States on Monday to discuss the matter。 20, British prosecutors to apply for Cambridge analysis firm conducted a search。
Britain's Channel 20 also broke unannounced visits to the company responsible for the Knicks, the Knicks Sri Lanka disguised as customers undercover reporter said he could send beauty to lure the other candidates, bribery or other video and photographed。   Facebook issues, rather than Cambridge analyst firm, Bloomberg issued a document called 20。 CNN19日说, the data breaches cause great harm to the brand Facebook。 In this incident, the real culprit in the eyes of the American public may not be Cambridge analyst firm or Russians, but Facebook itself。
  "Los Angeles Times" on the 19th issued a document that, Facebook user data leakage display there is a big problem that the so-called Privacy Policy。
The report quoted US data privacy expert Lester as saying: Facebook's terms of service no value for the consumer, the consumer does not know the data mining companies are accessing their personal information。 Reported mercilessly revealed the book to make money face a class of the company, the user is about to self-publish the information as a commodity to make money。
No matter how the privacy policies of these companies, you can be sure that the user's information for commercial or political purposes is traded。
British "Guardian" quoted the 20 former employees of a company Facebook saying, user information outside the company are sold to industry practice。
  BBC20日引述行业专家的话说, Facebook's user data has been collected and shared。
Reported that tens of millions of Facebook users' data to be used for political purposes, it led us to focus on how to use the data。
Existing laws behind the technical capacity needed to solve the problem of data sharing through new protections。
  Currently the parties involved have denied any wrongdoing, Zuckerberg has not made any comment on the matter。 Facebook company said in a statement on the 20th, we have hired a third-party research firm to analyze Cambridge company, which is still investigating whether the information users get to master, but the British government was halted。
Arising from either program developers surveyed agree Cogan。 Facebook corporate counsel, said the incident did not result in disclosure of user information, users in the use of the relevant procedures have been agreed to share information。
According to the US Verge website reported that Facebook company will hold a 20-day internal meeting to discuss the matter。