”Professor Terman at Stanford University, put forward in the 1950s ‘Golden Triangle’ is envisaged that this triangle is formed by universities, industry and government departments.Continental is not Silicon Valley can learn mode, the founder of a new type of university research, to promote the business community to invest and set up factories around the school, and then by the Government to give policy support, and gradually develop advanced electronic industry, in order to promote China’s modernization!”Chen Shubo explain his own educational ideas to Li Xuan.
  His father, General Chens early in the governance eastern, attached great importance to education, Chen Shubo can be considered inherited his father’s behest.In fact, he had had to personally meet with Chiang in Taiwan a decade ago – Ching-kuo, the statement he hoped founded an experimental university in Hsinchu idea, but unfortunately, for whatever reason eventually died.
  Last September, he should Chinese Academy of Sciences money three – invite strong academician lecturing to return, had the honor at the Great Hall met with the Deng period – old and asked him to explain his own wish to combine theory and practice, you can do a allow students to apply their knowledge of science and technology university aspirations.
  Chen Shubo modified after a year of improvement, most recently at last come up with a feasible proposal.The Hong Kong delegation coincides with the north, he decided to go north together to take this opportunity to personally presented to state leaders.Li Xuan listening to his vision, not by the bright spots, with some new ideas.But he is not worried.Once Chen Shubo and proposals to be submitted up to give specific instructions of the central leaders, and then go into the details with him.