Yu Pei just stood in the rain for a while, the body temperature were all winter in the cold rain away, he is hard to imagine how thin clothing Zhangzi Xian always stood in the rain appeared to him.
  Do not let the world would do what she prohibitive?
  ”are you cold?”One hand on his hand.
  Yu Pei looked at her coldly, throw off her hand: “Your hands colder.”
  ”It is also.”She smiled and said:” I can not warm you up.”
  Yu Pei looked at her.
  She said: “We can go back to their feet together, feet to your doctor says.”
  Yu Pei face downcast, Chen Sheng said: “Mind your own business.”
  Zhangzi Xian smiled.
  No matter how he curses, she is like a soft sponge, absorbing his silence silent malicious.
  Her kindness you?
  No, she is a wicked woman, he more than anyone knows this.
  ”Why are you laughing?You do not have self-esteem?”Yu Pei quipped.
  ”Have.”Zhangzi Xian laughed:” But I know you are careless.”
  ”Unintentional?”Yu Pei quips:” You’re horrible.”
  Smile on her face according to