Like the models exposed flat belly and mermaid lines, revealing the slender graceful figure curve, it will be like a dinner lady has the smallest waist size.
  He took a deep breath, continue to split as building blocks to memorize these words in mind.
  He needed so that people feel more desire, and the desire to experience this time will also remember the corresponding symbol.
  ”correct.”The old man stood up, looked at him and said:” There is a very important point.”
  ”Work it like a vampire.”He laughed:” Valuable time.”
  Vietnam also late back to the car, it felt just a dream to do the same with.
  His trip to the United States, had wanted was to play a big, indulgent pleasure and love together around everywhere.
  This can be true to the moment, but he has been ignited as the wolf tail, like facing the wind suddenly want to run one afternoon we go.
  Flower Mu see him absent-minded look, but feel happy and relaxed.
  There are thoughts and mind worth thinking about things again and again, in fact, is a kind of lucky.
  They traveled together for Fifth Avenue to Central Park stroll, they picked a clear day to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  Compared to a another huge exhibition hall, leaving him to stay