”Uh” Lin Yao Ji ceremony of the students forced to hold his head in his chest, toes and smooth the ground clutching blankets, some forest raw eyes reddening, “Ji brother, I die, I’m out of steam.”
  Yao Ji heard this ceremony holding his waist, about what to hit on him, biting his lower lip Lin-sheng, was almost paralyzed in Yao Ji ceremony chest, his mouth issued forbear whimper.
  Later, Lin was born in his shoulder catch all the red marks, “Give me, ah?Ji brother.”
  Yao Ji ceremony which have not promised to speed up the action, the sight of two intertwined, will own all delivered out.
  ”Sang Sang, are you happy?”Yao Ji before the ceremony scratched his forehead was wet with sweat bangs.
  Forest Health nodded his head, the next moment he regretted this action, because of Yao Ji ceremony picked him up, press the transparent front windows, from behind once again.
  People outside the office to hear the fear, forest health biting his lower lip, not making a sound, Yao Ji ceremony hugged him from behind, and his tone was possessive:
  ”That makes you happier time.”
  Pitt window