All of a sudden like a far away, Yu Miaozi knew he was a little unhappy, and she is really the path of the artist than she imagined not suitable.Good frustrated.
  Seems to have super delicious bowl of ice cream in front of your aunt can come and can only look at.Eat, uncomfortable.Do not eat it, even worse.

Chapter 225 prosecuted
  ”Now, sir, you say, I was more uncomfortable choice, or select it uncomfortable?”
  Lu seventy-one Landelikuai this unthinking question, “I choose not to answer.”
  Miao Zhou came over, “I choose not uncomfortable ~ ~ ~”
  ”Life is to suffer to suffer, how could you not uncomfortable?You would say nonsense!!”Yu Miaozai stare.
  Zhou Miao do not agree, pointing to land July “baby was born a little bitter ah never received.”
  Yu Miaozai rolled his eyes, “You are not her, she knew how uncomfortable feel better, man really did not mind the waste, just the sleeping woman and Money, money!!!”
  ”.”Zhou vague curl one’s lip,” Did you eat medicine ah gun?”
  Lu seventy-one also said, “Do not dirty clothes ah, sponsors have to repay.”
  ”.”Yu Miaozi completely collapsed,” a rags so important or important to me?How do you not buy them ah!!”
  ”I can wear free Why buy down?I can make more money ah?”Lu seventy-one bang her:” Go, go, go to the Why Why!”
  Yu Miaozai angrily stood up, “I decided, I