Beijing on March 18, let us remember this time because, lose a whole in February and early March, the Grizzlies finally win!They Nuggets 101-94 win thriller at home to red chicken, the end of the previous 19-game losing streak。
  Today's process just how it red chicken?Section, the Grizzlies beat the Nuggets a 34-17; second, anti Nuggets beat the Grizzlies a 31-19, into the second half, just as the fans think that the Grizzlies have to start to play when I did not expect ah did not expect!  Grizzlies even tenacious hold onto the lead was 30 seconds left in the game when the Grizzlies leading the Nuggets only 4 points, to give up acting just had sub-sector position or not it steamed buns Zhengkou Qi?This time the Grizzlies understand that what should be their own Zhengkou Qi!After the Grizzlies fans watched the game is not already the tears。   You know who you are today's heroes?It was the last game in the Bulls at the end of Blakeney made before the second game of the three-point foul Evans ah!At that time, Blakeney hit all three free throws, manufacturing quasi-lore, but also indirectly gave the foul Grizzlies 19-game losing streak。
And today, Evans dropped the winning goal to achieve salvation, spring has finally come to the。
This time, no blacksmith, no timeout!  Before the Grizzlies game against Chicago last seconds, a final moment, Jiemaikeer – Green buckle up lore, just as fans in the audience thought it was an anti-lore of the time, did not think the video referee after ruling it was a "timeout lore "Grizzlies silently swallowed the 19-game losing streak。
  In this 19-game losing streak, the fancy lose, there is the highest acting: I did my best, I lore, but I'm out of time, do not blame me。
  There is a direct fiasco: There are dishes of chicken pecking defeat; surrender directly to defeat strong teams; have struggled to defeat; have a look ignorant force fiasco。   Of course, there are also lost: the bottom and lost teams play each other; really want to stop losing streak, but lost the final powerless。
  After reading, fancy Grizzlies lose, you finally understand what is called the ups and downs of life is so stimulating!  January 30, after the Grizzlies 120-109 victory over the sun, seems to be a good plan in February to give you a surprise!As a result, surprise too long, all of a sudden went to the middle of March。
  February 1, they are away to Indiana。
Selden had in mind a long distance outside three-pointers to help the Grizzlies to achieve the go-ahead at the last moment, I did not expect Oladipo a layup to help the team lore。
But then, I did not expect that, by looking back at the video referee surprising Pacers continue free throws, back to the table seconds。
Oladipo was already celebrating, the referee wave manipulation, can only say 666。 Grizzlies so tenacious, but the referee played out tragically, this result is also fulfilled their bad luck in February。
  Subsequently, the entire month of February, in addition to the piston outside Han Fu again, the Grizzlies are the teams met Okay?!Tell è sister, so how to win the race Grizzlies?!How to win?!  Throughout February, the Grizzlies are in the face of strong teams, directly put bad Well。
Oh, no, anyway, we are so bad, you do not need to play。
  Results to March, please explain to us what the hell is 80-114 loss to the Lone Ranger?Watched that game, E-mei finally know the original Lone Ranger is not the NBA had just put bad show business child, cowboy spirit still remains, because they ran into a team called the Grizzlies。   That game, the Grizzlies with 30 points the entire first half only。 Halftime, the Lone Ranger on to lead 56-30。
?Sister know Lone Ranger has always been known for defense, but you will not have to play it like this。 30 points halftime, call ye a team?  If so, then Carlisle said he was helpless, and he does not really play anymore。   But then, the Grizzlies from bones is a very tough team too。 Do not believe to look at their loss to the Spurs game。   At that time, small Gasol hit a last-minute first ultra long-range three-pointers, followed was a difficult third shot, but unfortunately the referee did not even understand style to the 3 + 1, and ultimately defeat the Grizzlies。
After all, people are still struggling Spurs playoff tickets, so his brother would give a slightly older brother。
This is what we call "the face of strong teams struggled to defeat" the fact。   In short, the Grizzlies body, you can see the possibility of losing everything。
You know, in the past, the Grizzlies are a team Jagged, to the playoffs, the Grizzlies who had come off a layer of skin。 Today, they record the penultimate western, thoroughly into the swing of rotten。
  But then, E sister just want to say a grizzly fact, this summer, the league's teams in the sun are most likely to get the top pick, reached%。 Life ah, really is very red chicken!More exciting content concerned about the public number (Emily) statement: Sina exclusive articles prohibit unauthorized reproduced!。