Morning walk, stumbled walled courtyard side of the road there is a tree, above encrusted bright red fruit.In this noisy urban tree can have a fruitful while no one is interested, it is rare.It came near, look, this is a song tree.Qu said the tree, the locals probably based on its appearance and give it a name.You see it, twisted branches Flurry, slanting branches Pangchu, crops still in the ground and came out had a fat wife, sweaty, heavy.Its body encrusted with a whirring whirring of a pompon-like fruit.Seedless fruit like Fatong bulbs, extending the length of one centimeter thick red burns from the ball, the species that is.A hand off, under carefully chew with his teeth, soft, sweetness, sour.Tongue somewhat astringent.Strange, delicious childhood, was actually like this.My village is less than sixty people in the small village.A winding little streams, the village is divided into two parts.In the center, streams of the West Bank village of 10 trees with long curved tree, a tree covered with balls, like some small pastry, cake we call it a tree.Spring, pastry covered with palm-like tree leaves.Fluff with a layer of fine foliage, the leaves not very smooth.Soon, at the root of the petiole, on the bulging clusters of small balls.Small balls are holding a small green vines, with the extension of the vine, green ball gradually swell, right down to the size of pigeon eggs.In summer, small pastry’s body cropped up thick thorn red meat, the meat thorn gradually stretch, a light red color becomes purple, equal to about one centimeter, it has been completely cooked.The village was lured the children have to go out into the space under the tree run, whizzing channeling the tree, pick the go out into his mouth.Sweet meat people eat a hundred tire seed.Especially in the dog days of summer, adults nap, kids not doing anything else, parents get amnesty, concentrated here.Like a bunch of small monkeys, covered with trees.Sip a “cake” delicious, while playing slapstick.”Cake” prickly red sweet juice the child’s lips, tongue, their mutual grimaces, laughter issued from time to time.Trees, gurgling water, cool cool, is simply a paradise for children.    The owner of the tree is a skinny old man, and his bachelor son to live with.They lived close to the stream, cake tree in his family’s house in Tung Tau.Sometimes the children noisy to disturb the old man, he will be holding a small pole yelling driving.He suspected the children broke branches, but never had also seen him catch a child.The children do not go long, and so the old man returned home, immediately ran back.The old man did not come out to catch up.It now appears that he did not mean to blame the kids, but they play tease.Otherwise, the tree crooked body.Serve not only, I do not feed, where the long, white Qibushibai wasted piece of Feng Shui?But the old man is reluctant to destroy replanting, also it is to these kids?With children, there will be a live gas!    Cake tree, and common kind of tree.It is not nice grace, we can not become great only; it was the fruit cake, sweet and sour pomegranate neither grapes nor glycol apple pears, but it can in that particular era, giving joy.Perhaps it is unknown as there are many, at least its body can be buried without complaint stove, cooking for human send warm, do not it enough great?