Whenever a kid on summer vacation, often in rural home and playmates to adopt water chestnut, now think of it, but also food for thought.Grow up, I have a child, go to farms to buy food, and occasionally saw on a vegetable stall selling water chestnut will always be called on a couple of pounds to take home and savor daughter.While chewing, will recall her childhood.    A noon August, flaming hot sun baked the ground, hot air without a trace of wind, large farms have been busy in.I was lying on the coffee table doing work listlessly.Suddenly, the “bug-eyed” and hairs appeared in the doorway, hands each holding a small two tubs to me and said: “pick water chestnut bo.”I heard, in high spirits:” Go le!”I dropped the pen, jumped up and ran out.I and the “bug-eyed” the big tub Flip over his head, right when the sun gear.We also learn hairs like, the little tub Flip on the head.Along the way, although the ground roasted raw so we did not wear shoes feet, but the thought of Cailing happiness, we forget the pain, but also accelerated the pace.    Ponds have not approached the front of a large green will be locked my sight.In that green leaves, clear bits and pieces of red, like fire, from afar, really “take days lotus infinite Bi, Lotus flowers in the sunshine” feeling.Line of sight, lotus sometimes quivering, seemed to have something on that drill to drill below the flickering.To be near a closer look, the original rivers and ponds have already seen a few and we are almost large “small buds Sons” sitting in a tub leisurely Dangzhuo between lotus, hands are kept plucking her underwater water chestnut.There is a big red tub is truly beautiful, there sat two little boys, his head a large lotus leaf, a small bare buttocks, around the apron, like a baby on New Year.    I and the “bug-eyed”, arrived hairs shore, could not wait to put two tubs on the river, then rushing to sit on the big tubs, tubs almost turned us squeeze.We set the set, finally smooth the tub.Although crowded point, but still very happy.Since the tub deep draft, we are careful, lest sink.We plan to go slowly towards the center of the river, clutching the small hairs tub with one hand.Four weeks exudes the fragrance of lotus, dragonflies hovering in the head sometimes, and occasionally can be heard once or twice frogs.Ling came to the area, the river floating large piece of chess pieces rotundifolia.Leaf edge circle of teeth, most of the color is dark green, occasionally mixed with dark red.This is the water chestnut leaves.Water chestnut roots in the water long, stem the growth of water chestnut, therefore, you can not see the river water chestnut.Cailing time, be especially careful, too easy to be scratched water chestnut, therefore, the best way is to Cailing water chestnut leaves slowly turned over the following rhizomes out of the water, so it will not be picking up water chestnut hurt.We rushed to start waving his hand Ling Ye, a string of water chestnut out of the water, like a shy bride she was thrown off the hijab.Water chestnut tender points was green, the inside of the meat is not full; mature point of red, fleshy, juicy and sweet, children like to eat; if the water chestnut old becomes dark brown, the meat is very tight, it tastes another on, there was a scent.Cailing Most of the people like dark brown, some people love to eat water chestnut tender points, but I still prefer the old-point.I and the “bug-eyed”, hairs each pick their favorite mining, sometimes while mining peel and eat just taken under water chestnut tastes particularly crisp and refreshing.Soon, small tubs abundance gradually up.Although the sun in the sky, but our interest unabated.At this time, more and more people to adopt water chestnut.Mostly children, there are some adults, men and women have.I saw a pair of looming round tub in the Netherlands, an inattentive, tubs to hit together, we laugh, which gives quiet Ponds added a bit of apathy.    About adopted a two or three hour, large and small wooden bowl of water chestnut has a variety of colors, piled like.We look learned a lot, then meet on the bank.    I and the “bug-eyed”, with the joy of harvest hairs walking on the way home from time to time have a hoe with a big pole of people with a tired through from our side, and occasionally still hear the hum of the shepherd boy minor countryside.I looked up the distance, the sun has slowly gone, the sky shone bright red sunset.    Address: 573 Lane Road Shanghai Tibet chamber 6502