It should be the last semester after semester holiday home, he has found more than a pot of cactus on the corridor.I do not know who brought in, I do not know who put in there, in short, these are not important for me to be able to see the cactus is my kind of happiness.    In fact, I’m not the first time I saw cactus.Very young when the family bought the land not to repair the stadium, to a place where some species of cacti.So, I not only saw cactus, cactus bloom have seen the results, and even adults, so that adults often took me to eat off prickly pear.    The reason for that little pot of cactus on the porch watching the case, it may be because it is unique it looked like a long Ott Man both ears, both funny, and cute.    Corridor, is the place I always stay.I like to be there in the sun, like breathing fresh air there, I prefer to sit reading.So, is my cactus basin common to.Read get tired, I always like to stare at the cactus, although the feeling is very cute, but still feel something is missing, but can not remember how.    Until one day, when I paint in the hallway, painted tired, I habitually turned his gaze to the cactus body.Moment and feel what is still lacking, when you see the hands of the brush, I suddenly remembered something less.    Smile, yes, a little smile.So, I’ll use my gouache as it drew a smiley face.In this way, every time when it is the opposite, looking at it smile, I can not help but smile it would.    Later I went to Leshan to school, we did not meet with it.When I leave home again, when then saw it, I back to normal, smiling face on the painting, do not know when it has vanished.    Each time through the corridor, saw no smiling faces of cactus, such as livid face, my heart always feel uncomfortable after watching.Originally thought of as early as it re-painted a more beautiful smile, but, due to the training courses on art, busy.So, I have not gone to draw.    Just now, through the corridor to see it, I finally could not bear to see it livid face, find my paintbrush, it painted on a smile.And on its ears write “happiness” word.    Mommy said that I saw inflation eat nothing to do, I did not care, just looked at is smiling cactus, silly smile.    Cactus to draw a smiley face, smile!It laughed, I laughed!When all the people saw it smile, in his face, the same smile on India!    Tingting was written to draw the smiley cactus