That night, I attended a party, drank slightly higher, got home late, a little wash the body, on the back bed sleeping.  The next day, his wife told me, home cactus bloom.I look surprised: this guy a lot of years, and I’m about to be forgotten, each to their watering flowers, one to her there will be no water, I do not bother to go get water, she just moved outside the window most edge of the security fence, so those naughty rain can occasionally kiss her..  Now I heard she blossomed, I am very excited, bare to the waist darted to the balcony, maybe she saw me shy now?Or the sun would come out?Drooping petals, stems stooped slim, how I looked at her, she was unmoved.Maybe I’m usually not enough to take care of it for her, neglected her, she was still angry with me now?  She looked at the shrinking look, I can not bear to pick up the phone, your camera, and can only afford to look at her appearance.She may no longer young, full of twelve deep wrinkles baggy body, tis suddenly grow flowers It is in the middle of her wrinkles, is trying to cover up years of vicissitudes?Still want attractive to the eye?I asked her, she does not say.  A breeze blowing gently, she quickly with the stems tightly surrounded by patrol around her children.I Thin a few years: she was the size of a dozen children, young age, long and some 11, some 12, some 13, some 14 fold.They quills Many, perhaps to leave her mother one day it good self-protection!They put the squeeze white plastic flower pot is broken, I would have to see, now we see also new bad scar, could not help but blush, as if heard them laughing at me: “The owner really lazy!”When not being able to see blooming cactus flower for themselves, his wife handed me her cell phone, there are children at home last night photo shoot, shot full of cactus flowers, although his wife pixel phone is not high, but I chose the a few, made in their own micro-channel circle of friends.Micro faithful have thumbs, some said: “long overdue for a flowerpot!”I feel very ashamed!I accidentally saw across the flower, there is a fold out the middle of something small teeth, and asked his wife is not it also bloom?His wife said maybe?  A few days later, cactus flower that support is completely dried up, but the buds are getting longer, slowly formed a bud.  I am very happy, have come up with every day the phone taking pictures of her, but she did not want to see at me shyly.  I drink the remaining milk carton filled yesterday morning a little water, sprinkled on the cactus, when buds still wrapped tightly, and the day before have not changed much, 21:42 home, when it opened the window, a thick scent attracted me, along the smell, I was shocked to see cactus flowers bloom is Huan, like a long horn to tell me her beautiful feeling, I hasten to reach out to her, please see the living room, her first grievance about it, temporarily on the coffee table, I pulled out a cell phone, bring a camera, tape record out of her beauty.  Cactus height 9CM, waist 8CM, stems and flowers long 19CM, flowers diameter 12CM.Is golden yellow flower, a flower just like one around a tiny bean sprouts root circle, the insert around the petals, stamens have a style in the ring below the top surface 12 floating style of long small yellowish around the flag, the flag even went as many skirmish flower, they went to the depths of the tunnel stems.Cactus blooming, with her children if she saw the traffic police will fine you money?She’s seriously overloaded, long, wide yo!No wonder she has been: bow flowering, low-key to do Flower!Still, her beauty still show in front of me.  At first glance her petals are white, look around the middle of the petals are white, slightly behind the top circle of petals on the little pink.Cactus flower is beautiful!good smell!Very seductive!I ignored ancestors once said: Do not use your nose to smell flowers, flower, there are many small insects breathe your nose, if they come into your mind, you may have to go to a psychiatric hospital.I turn to health insurance card on the edge of broken pots, and then paste the nose, and she was close, abdomen, chest, a surge of flavor sucked into my lungs, mind suddenly cold, feeling behind the beautiful woman laughing, it is a flower fairy?Will really came a woman’s voice: “My husband, do not go to sleep and wash it?”22:18, put the children study up to go home, saw me admiring cactus flower, perhaps:” Dad, send me a photo shoot a few more space, the last time to the school, home cactus flower that we, the students do not believe they say cactus bloom.”Child leaned a look, just to remove the last of that withered flower, there are more branches of a withered, it is certainly she had opened, but we did not notice it, notice that it is beautiful, not paying attention she had been beautiful to.  At bedtime, I opened the door all the rooms, open all windows can be opened, so that each room is full of cactus flowers, flower fairies can make out of home away from home, last night our family slept soundly!Because there are cactus flowers accompanied Flower Fairy guarded.  Today, I’m fine stay home all day, morning cactus flower is no incense last night, despite how close to your nose, her scent is really not what the.I also found a camera, holding her cell phone to take pictures of the day.Afternoon, she fell asleep, drooping petals, she never woke up this nap, I know.She looked delicate and charming look, I put away the camera, put down the phone, she went to the edge of most security windows.  In a moment I closed the window, I saw the old cactus thorn less and less, she places are flowering in the middle of her nest sting, flower once, a little less sting.She left the beautiful world, the bald injury to yourself!I was moved by the occasion, he could not help but to feel myself gradually hair loss head.I drunk all day, every day wine revolution, but it is left to the world what a good thing it?