The story Cabo Cabo dog dog is old, too old can not jump on the couch, too old dog tails are no longer keen to do all day behind my ass run around.    Cabo domesticated deer dog is my dog, by definition, not just cabo shape looks like a deer, and even jumped lively fresh jump in, timid and easily frightened personality like most deer.It is petite, in addition to the Director of the mouth, chin and hooves, which are other than brown hair, short hair glossy black body, Youguangshuihua to touch the hand, like silk.Pull out, people often lament, this puppy’s hair is beautiful!    Cabo come to our house, about two years old, is a dog guy.From its body, I fully appreciate what is called the “tail Dogs”.As long as I am at home, it is always at my side, as you walk along it, you stop, it guarding.Sometimes too closely, you suddenly turned around, at first it scared scream quickly dodge jump, then you are scared it sounds pounding heart, can not help but even scolded “dead dog!”In our family, but the kitchen has cabo nest to sleep in our bedroom, the son of the bedroom, the living room has a couch cabo, otherwise, it will come to hold you, I always say, people Jiaotu only three caves, but we have four or five cabo cave it.    Cabo dog is a recent jump on the couch, just before I go to the direction of the sofa, behind me cabo will run in front of me, to jump on the sofa, valiantly sitting on the sofa looking at me, If I do not sit through the sofa, it immediately jumped to then follow me, over the years I have become accustomed to just sit on the couch, whether lying down or sitting, cabo will be on my side, not got into the blanket snoring masterpiece, is to climb up my body let me hold.I often rub the side of it, squeeze it, while saying: You are not a little baby, you are a dog, why I came one day hold.It turned to look at me, do not move nor speak, askew calm expression people wait for a bite it.    Cabo large dog’s ears, I like to turn its ears to play, I started to turn over its ears, shook his head and put it a free hand to turn back the ears, a long time it decided not to care about me, often let me put it in big ears turn over the top back of the head, until I bored with it before shaking his head turned back to the ear.Sometimes I call it kneading pain, it is “Wang” calls out the light, not to escape, like to remind my mildly cabo so far and a child, like to go out to play, the home can not easily open the door, as long as opened, cabo will be hard to run out, as you call breaking the throat it did not pay attention, I saw it easy to jump the blink of an eye and ran down the stairs, only this time you put on shoes, then took the paper down look for it because it’s just one out, way back, it is always more or less at the stairs stool discharge point.Therefore, it must have actively look for the paper tape.The charge cabo home from downstairs, no matter how you criticize how the penalty, it will meet an indifferent look.    Cabo love a child and also thrust the way, if you say “go!”It began to cheer jump, until dry throat, kept retching still excited.But recently, it has been learned when we told it, “you do not, you obediently at home” when it went silent back to the nest, most head out to look at our movement.    Our family absolutely cabo world’s best-fed dog, it never fussy, what to eat, most like to eat starchy foods, potatoes matter what, sweet friends, corn matter, and a variety of beans , nuts and so on, I often joked that we should call it Uncle Sam, it must be a mountain of past life, I like to eat some of the best mountain produced stuff.Of course, this does not mean that Angel was a vegetarian dog, light meat when it is naturally more happy.In addition, a variety of pastries is its favorite, but there are things it does not eat, such as dog food, such as some sour fruit.    In addition to cabo not picky eaters, eat less of it, so we generally do not have to worry about it too much eating, anyway, what we eat, what to feed it, come back empty-handed if eating out, do not worry, just search a house search, the total it can find something to eat, and sometimes can not find food, put a potato or a piece of sweet potato cut into small pieces, put some water, add a little oil, salt and turn out a few minutes in the microwave, then eat cabo very happy..    As the well-fed, cabo dog rarely get sick, except that it was the Chinese New Year to my family, I can help it buy a new dress, New Year’s Eve to help give it a bath put it, who knows clothes too quite close, freeze it sick, fever, vomiting, not eating, I take it to the veterinary hospital transfusion, the next day but it helped it once was lost, well after no serious illness, occasional discomfort, Cypriot pill is just fine, cabo themselves would regulate, day to eat more, it will empty a few Dayton do not eat, or eat.Fawn dog body hairs short, most cold-blooded, I can help it knit a few sweaters, there are many old cotton sweaters pants sleeves and trousers into a dress, put it to early autumn, summer approaching it off.    In fact, cabo dog is not without people worry about things, when it came to our house almost two years old, had a best time to teach the training, it was the biggest problem is not fixed regular bowel movements, coupled with timid, you louder, or to hug it, it will scare urine out, it is a headache, several years of time, I worry about it a bowel problem, it can not tell how long it took before it went to the bathroom bowel church, so I was relieved.Now every night I just cry: “cabo, pee sleep.”It’s a piece of piss to go to the bathroom, then went to the kitchen of the bed waiting for me to sleep it off.    I’m in the book a dog, see cabo school called “mini dog” is really cabo appearance unlike most small dogs as people see that this is a watch dog, even if it had grown old with out people still think it is a working dog puppies.It’s an air of magnificent, extremely petite stature, the two together, look just like a mini version of the bulldog, very adorable, I often looked at the Cabo, there is such a confusing world how wonderful living toys.    Although cabo dog is a pet dog, but it is not white dinner do not work, at home doorbell rang, and there are footsteps on the stairs, to the guests, it must be barking incessantly, bottled water master come in, it’s called brave the rush to return to soon, and then rushed to return to, so again, although annoying, but do not bite, so every time always put it off into the bathroom, then open the door to let the master come in bottled water.Families with dogs, though not anti-thief, thief still has a deterrent effect.    Cabo dog’s greatest achievement so far is to help us catch the mouse, a few days ago, it set up for this purpose a great service, the family ran in a sort of a small mouse, my son and I have put it in the kitchen blocking a drive out back, it bitten plastic hood hairdryer return to every night naughty at home.Then I put the bedroom in addition to all places where mice can hide cleaned, can not find the mice hiding place, they want to help me find a place cabo mouse hiding.    General home without rat day, every morning cabo released from the nest first thing is to run to the bathroom, then a few days at home with a mouse invasion in the morning to put out cabo, it is the first thing along course of action with the mouse walk around at night.So one morning after the cabo released, I follow it, I saw it a den of non-stop twitching nose, along the wall of the restaurant, the living room sofa, corner next to the treadmill and other local side take the side Oh, sometimes I turned to look, it is strange that every part of the way, it is necessary hurried into the bathroom, and soon ran out and then continue non-stop sniffing around, I thought rats hiding in the bathroom, later I found cabo constantly hurried into the bathroom to sprinkle a little urine, they would understand it is to track Xin Taiji cut rat, do not want to waste time to pee, they can not wait any longer, so only in dining, living and running back and forth between the bathroom.Really touched people.    The last day of Cabo ran into the bedroom, because I think that the mouse does not hide in the bedroom, cabo should go to the bedroom with the sun did not go in, until one day, he saw cabo stop in front of the middle of the bedroom curtains and wardrobes Grilled angle catch in his mouth “woo.”” Woo.”The issue of deterrence voice, I came to realize that the mouse is hiding in the bedroom.My son and I closed the bedroom door, with the assistance of Cabo, and finally caught that nasty little mouse.    When looking at the Cabo mouse tracking brave, clever, dashing demeanor, you do not believe it is old, it is seeking the mouse to see the room full of scurrying, and again burst into bed to catch the mice out, I believe in its origin in certain genes have a hunting dog, it is in its help group, we more than once the invasion of mice evicted.    Cabo dog in my home life for nearly a decade, brought us so much joy and fun, hope it health and longevity, more than a few years and we stay together.