REVIEW those years is the mother of the mother paralyzed in bed, his wife came back from Russia also had no job to go to Russia did not earn any money, thanks to my family life.        Nineties a few years ago, I engaged in paper sales unit, is doing field almost every day to go out, run stationery store, ran the printing plant, but with no communication tool is not, equipped with a BB machine, or digital.My bird BB machine is the child of her grandmother inside the Radio and Television Department to buy, it took two thousand eight hundred, it was my brother in law to use, and later because I need to use temporarily lend me.    1993 father in hospital, I accompanied his father in the hospital, not the sky several classes, but can not delay the business, after all, is a dry field, so do not go every day to the unit, but businesses have to do, how to do business?BB rely on the machine.The father in hospital and never came out, passed away in hospital.So I take a lot of father in the hospital the day, I find a lot of business units only through the BB machine, as long as the BB machine rang, I knew the sale came, quickly found a phone, but fortunately there is a public telephone outside the hospital, fairly easy call.Business units to a phone, you have to hurry back to the phone, the time delay for a long time, people will find someone else to do.The sale of the one that is anxious stubble, do not worry you will not find.If you can not find the business unit a few times, you do not call back to the people, then the future of the business will do well, people will not trust you.    This time my brother in law with BB machine or borrowed, he still can not afford BB machine, nor is it even afford to buy right away, not so good now buy mobile phones, mobile phones are sold everywhere, no relationship can not buy of.    At that time most cattle B is Big Brother, and it took about thirty thousand dollars to buy a Big Brother, Big Brother is not more readily available, it must have relations, cellular phones are generally doing business boss.At that time I know a few owners have cellular phones, the big guy to stand on a table, really impressive.In fact, at that time Big Brother is 9 prefix, four or five miles from the city to have no signal, holding that thing is a status symbol, the effect is not how to use the phone now can not compare.    After a few years it would only small digital BB machine has been with me all the time do my waist, regardless of where to have followed me, Beijing Ninetowns four, Datong, Daxing, Changping, running more than a place, go so far, no BB machine does not work.Ever since the BB machine but also a troublesome thing, BB machine from the heart to the sound of anxious, anxious to have to find a telephone; if it is by bus, halfway BB machine sounds, no way to call back.My only BB machine is for repairing business, because they can not return phone calls promptly wasted a lot of buying and selling, or even lose a lot of customers.Often took the bus to get off to find a phone halfway, to get through the phone, the caller said: looking for you for a long time do not return phone calls, I found elsewhere of stock.That means that: Do your goods up.Sometimes the mountain back home, around the home also have my family business, but after a signal Summer Palace, BB machine is not so good, sometimes people come to me, my BB machine did not respond, really delay the thing.    In 1994, the family spent five thousand dollars to install a phone, because I do a field, do not go out when at home, this call is also convenient.No phone when the canteen had to run downstairs, and quickly call back.This time do not run downstairs.We have to thank only a small BB machine, two telephone trading two, five thousand dollars quickly earned back, equal to install telephone no money, not that you spend some telephone charges?I did not pay there would be no harvest ah!    It was in those years mother mother paralyzed in bed, his wife came back from Russia also had no job to go to Russia did not earn any money, thanks to my family life.Mother also need to wait nanny, brother is mentally ill and was admitted to the hospital; his mother, younger brother of the cost of living, as well as nanny salary brother and I each responsible for half.Those years on the one hand can not be delayed business, on the other hand have always visit his mother, but also anxious to find a nanny thing, fortunately, I was running errands in, BB machine really helped me a lot, then expect that the whole of life BB machine only, not two or three thousand dollars a month, it would be no income, and no longer have their own business and shift the BB machine does not work, can not let personal business units know, are linked by a single line BB machine.In particular Hebei shift the self-employed to find my paper through BB machine, no BB machine is unable to contact the.So about four years, where state-owned enterprises gradually decline, income is not more than half done, like me, four people responsible for the cost of living, it is a little too much for wages.Brother asked me: do not go to the Land Office Zone?I asked: How much salary?Brother said: eight hundred.I say: Forget it.I am now able to earn two or three thousand a month, free time, the old lady now paralyzed in bed, have to eat and drink and tube nanny wages, can not but consider the actual question, I still run my paper, right.    2097 autumn, the mother died, the second year the unit has collapsed, the paper is not good business to do, I went back home to open the store, BB machine is useless, breaking away from the BB machine.By now, a BB machine has also been at home on the windowsill throw yet.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]