Part One: butterfly fly, but the sea “Give me a moment, I say love.With my life, you turn and look.”It was once said a word butterfly.After many years of sea total dead of night aftertaste.Past always scenes.  That day has only fun butterfly, accidentally landed on the sea side.From afar, boundless sea, covered too much content.All this made her fascinated.She hang around all day in the side of the sea.She did not care to go to sea.She too small.Sea always remember that, in contemplation.Stay in their own homes heart.Zhuomo Tou who can not go to the heart of the sea, the sea can not know where the heart is, just guessing, perhaps in the middle of the sea.Only the sea came to understand myself, have gone through thousands of years of wind and rain, he had lost his complete heart.Only one core and hard shell vicissitudes.  One day, he was a butterfly persistent infection, he began to notice a butterfly.He likes the simple goodness of butterflies, butterfly.Butterflies tenderness.They began to talk to each other, attract each other.I do not know which day the sea began to like butterflies.The butterfly has long been obsessed with the deep sea and the vicissitudes of life.She has been staying with, obsessed with this piece of deep sea, in her heart, there is sea, there is enough, there is everything there is sea, sea just pay a little bit of love can make butterfly satisfied.In fact, she is not greedy.  Butterflies and sea accompanied by the day, butterfly feeling eyeful spring.Her fascination with the sea, she felt this life is past life marriage will encounter again.Although the ending is just hopeless love.  Sea also began to revel this happiness, he slowly wake up.He is over the sea thousands of years, she just weak butterfly.Her lithe and delicate.How long you can love him?  She paid her all, but in the eyes of his sea experience only made him short of ecstasy, more real loneliness continue.He has a wealth of content, butterfly simply can not understand him go, could not guess the heart of the sea, in the deep sea, she was unusually thin foil.  Gap for thousands of years, different experiences, butterfly, this is a hopeless love.  Butterfly struggling darting, hopeless looking at the vast sea, no matter what kind of effort, she never flew less than a sea of hearts, because she’s thin and his vicissitudes.  ”Because I love you, why they want to leave you.”When the butterfly how not fly into the heart of the sea, only to say the phrase old-fashioned sea lines, her tears dripping in the arms of the sea, sea silence.Shiver butterfly wings, circling keyed reluctantly.Then a sea breeze blowing, not enough time to take off the butterfly, fall into the vast sea, into the blue tears.Sea struggling to catch the butterfly’s wings, trying to tell her that he loved, really loved.But all too late, butterfly heart on a vast sea of, put themselves into the sea, the final answer with blue tears.  When the moment she melted, she finally realized the truth: butterfly fly, but the sea.Leaving only the sentence: Give me a moment, I say love.With my life, you turn and look.    Part II: butterfly fly, but the sea butterfly fly, but the sea, because it is not courage, but the other side did not wait three years to wait for the flowers open, after all, did not have time, I wrote the prologue winter solitude with keys.  Close your eyes that you can not see the dark the whole world, that covered his ears, you can hear all the trouble.That stopped, the heart can no longer be displaced.That no longer write, you will forget the sorrow from.  I used to think the story is not finished, in fact already prepared have changed the outcome.I used to think would not finish at the youth, only filled with words of farewell.I once thought so important you can calmly placed only memories.  I was so self-righteous, I refuse to refuse to embrace the warm, refused to believe that a better world.I grew up, there is no turning back so much, I’d be quiet.  Blessing is a clear spring in bloom, bloom season, quarter after quarter has a faint fragrance I exhort.I exhort is drifting in the wind and rain, wind and rain streaks, strands with the flowers wither I have feelings.  I am very far away from you, smile and say you wish.And you are not already make me forget.You do not know my sadness, it is so tightly nestled in the cold night.  That escape can avoid miss, to see the sunrise saw that the sea can have the courage to fly alone.Love that fog flirtation do not believe there are so many for life would not hurt to ambiguous.But you lose just wandering escape, love is just plagiarism.  Travel only means constantly looking for, find, bid farewell.Surprise, stay, then leave.Like going through a brief love.  Crest mood was quiet, thoughts can still be easily shaken down time.  Once said many years of waiting for the hint to meet you, but I do not know a year ago decided to see that you are not doomed to wait for my next few years.  I have met with a pencil sketch of all the circumstances.Who gave me an excuse arrival of spring flowers.Since then, I feel folded, is ruffled.But after all, my world you are not there, you can not play my broken strings.I do not know to whom your heart, you who accompany most beautiful years.This time I finally had to have changed even wait.But I still do not understand that a sudden fireworks or lonely, those who say that I love.  I thought I found a rose garden that one, but severely stabbed in earnest love of my hands, forget the pain away reproach, I told myself red roses are inevitably wrong.  If only shown signs of life Unfortunately, no one will see the outcome, but the fate of the first place.Some people some things are meant to be only for nostalgia.Just as some people are destined to wait for someone else, some people are destined to be, et al..  If you have Picking Jiangnan woman, I will be missed at tis you Haowan.If you had been truant urchin, and I will fall out of your pocket is sinking new marbles.If you have a wall of the monk, I will stick of incense that is before the house.I know I know, I miss you, was actually a past life so pathetic doomed.  Painted scenes.Filled with smoke.Seven colors of the rainbow.Dazzling neon.Unscrupulous lonely.Flashy fall for youth.Slim hope disillusionment.Bitter experience smile.I put the scattered pieces put together piece by piece, but still the same incomplete memory.  Who I am in the world with a splendid dying.  Early birds flying south, leaving me alone in the winter.  Lonely as the winter snow, hiding in a warm room to see the white world is pretty irrelevant, but it is so true touch of cold.  Light faded, and winter came, I went back to the lonely.  How feelings are blooming snowflake weather.Whom tremble together, do not understand gentle.Who led hand, is barren sand dunes.How to cherish, not forever.  I think if I choose to give love, I would be lonely without medication.Sauna net dual showers even fine, I own the sky, the moon can not be star-studded.  So I should not need a piano beat to treat insomnia tonight, just like the one you quietly leave the winter, all the action takes place in silence, I Wang Ran ignorance.  The so-called lonely, I fuss dedication.  I should not have fancy things did not happen in the summer in.All gorgeous open after the lonely, incomplete leaving only memories filled the rain, endless sorrow, blurred vision.  Youth in again swaying distant dream.I chose the most beautiful gesture to forget.  I understand that dreams are illusory, no matter how I try to go around, there are always not touch its outline.As bleak monument, carved hang some flies.  Wait no longer dream of flowers, butterflies fly, but I believe the sea, spring goose does not come, weak wings dissipated in the earth’s shadow.  Kite windy sea dolphins a year ago, I was listening to Elegy I let go, I have learned out of your own existence.  If ambiguous debt owed, I returned from a lonely desert alone a year to pay off.Time, just when I was squandering.  Trees and flowers withered and how this life.No matter how brilliant bloom once before, and regardless of who had left the encounter took me a fraction of the Love.Time reduced to ashes, remembrance and forgetting is also a pain.  If the sky is not falling off, holding up the gorgeous sadness, then I’ll stay.However, all have become flashy.  Your magnificent turn, left me a haggard land of sorrow.The same intersection with a sky, I’ve learned not to give up.  My fortune, who do not know floating.  I always tangled.I always like to go crazy for one person.I miss my dedication.I was too self.I never promised.I use real fabricated a lie, I guess with this broken world.  Who sounds a whole summer cicadas, who rendered a dying fall.The next morning, who gave me the spring mood.  Who says Hello Who disturb, who understand lonely me smile.Originally, I want to love, just a warm hug.    Part Three: butterfly fly, but the sea fleeting thoughts across my patch of sea, waiting for you on the other side of the flowers into my life but can not get past the clouds.  Legend: “Bana is an oath, but also a wait in long years, every game is a waiting period of obsession of fantasy, if you can wait until the Bana open when the person you love comes, then You will be happy for a lifetime.  Meet is a beautiful encounter, even in how some people can not always met to remember, some people met at that instant, to forget can not forget.  Drawer yellowed diary, hidden in the deepest memory, then you smile warms me that one summer!  In those accustomed to the lonely night, always inexplicable sadness, so close to the city, a man keep empty, until I met you.  In the turmoil fleeting encounter, a romantic scene to you, to me, is the twilight of.  You see life was passing glance, how many years understatement.  If you are my mind, is not all my loneliness and desolation into the eyes you did not.  Amidst the dress comes, smudged the outcome.  Plain the years to come, such as Lotus smile, light dyed skirt end, a tea and a piano, a woman of clear joy..At the time you sweet smile, like a lotus, like, elegant yet gentle woman, a man always used to sit in the lotus pavilion quiet reading, your pale blue dress printed with a faint afterglow of the sunset, so gentle, so warm , infection that blurred my desolate heart, so that one summer, I met with you every day, just for you that a shallow smile!  Memory is a fish.I think you could not swim in the dark,.  I thought the standard of happiness are the same, but I did not think when I met happiness, can not remember your appearance.  Looking back lights as the old, shallow holding hands, what you want on the side, ready to love.Or quietly holding your hand go so slowly, until the end, and my heart is filled with your gentle hand.  The so-called city, is the kind of give you secure, but also to the place you bundle.I think people love this life is the largest and most powerful bundle.And your city, I was destined doomed.  Not to look fly farther than to the commitment is swaying line.As the sea never doubted blue sky.Not stray from my dream, but I casually spread panic, I just want to be with you together, wandering whether or quiet, as long as you like.  If found, it will exist gentle, occasional anxiety and loss does not appear to bring, I forbear.Not weary.  I learned to miss, in a quiet moment, Enron Ruobi.Fetters you and me.  Stop and go, the end of Dynasty.  Warm-year Duanmo, recall acquaintance knowing each other as a mirror.Recalling past lives to spend the night is young.But it is right close horizon two across, farewell soul Diego.After Fragrance tempting, he turned around, from.End of the World stranger.  Do not know when the night began like lonely companionship, do not know when to start on-line stealth has become a habit, I do not know when to start like write these sad words, do not know when to start the kind of faint melody sad this has brought me through the years of youth!And I hope you are alone in the distance of the South!By now, I can not remember because I was used to it you lonely accompanied or met you in before I’m used to.And just when I was lonely when you accompany me that a faint glimmer, when night falls again, you disappeared in the night sky, never seen.  Fleeting inky, our ending, after all, like the butterflies fly, but the sea!    Part Four: Butterfly fly, but the sea, “you and I love, love is not blessed, like a butterfly fly, but the sea, destined to end sad helpless.”Listen to songs with friends to share the song, the heart could not help but ups and downs in this sad melody.People most likely to synchronize their feelings with sad music in lost time.Lyrics seem to say are in line with his state of mind.At this time, listening to the song feel the feelings of friends and would like to say to friends, I share your feelings, then to the mouth but can be stuck in my throat, unable to speak out loud.Sometimes the language is so pale and weak, “empathy” words easy to say, but who can understand the true sense of who’s so thorough?Only silence accompanied with listening to a song, over and over again, accompanied with the ups and downs of mood!”When love can not tolerate too many sad, promise of love become so pale.”Sometimes, when a sudden can not control is the helplessness, sadness surrounded, unable to break free, the whole body up and down as if they soaked in clear water Han Tan, pouring from the biting chill in the limbs, can not tell the sad sad sad!Thought of here, will be very interested to distant friends a hug, let the other side feel the warmth between this friend.  It is said that butterflies fly, but the sea is not a butterfly flying over the sea to be no more courage, but the other side has no waiting.Power did not, mustering the strength to suddenly disappear, so, all of a sudden imbalance.Looking forward, the future of the vast know where is the end, looking back, where the horizon is distant shore?Living in halfway, I do not know where to go at a loss!Butterfly fly, but the sea.Butterfly Butterfly own helplessness, the sea end of the line may also have it Yinzhong!Perhaps the tide is surging that tears the heart, the tide falls, perhaps the deep love!Tide low tide, with butterflies flying all the way, halfway flaps, perhaps who do not want the outcome.However hard how to accept defeat, after all, is not intended to change the outcome.The frustration, presumably no one can understand!I do not know how to take it lightly on!  What the world most bitter?The most bitter feelings!What is the most tired?Feeling most tired!This time may wish to ask yourself, what has the most beautiful?Of course, love is the most beautiful!The total Sometimes, we are willing to do something for someone, without feeling bitter, do not feel tired, do not feel wronged.In fact, the butterfly fly, but flying is not important, important is the process of flying.Butterfly had entered the force, and perhaps physically and mentally exhausted, physically and mentally fatigued perhaps, perhaps suddenly no motivation, no matter what, he had tried for goal in mind, is not it?Process is the United States, is willing enough.Whether stand, regardless of the outcome, no one can ever erase the share of heart, would really!We are willing to pay and that is to enjoy.Then do not complain, do not hate, no anger, no blame!Loved the good, can not stand the hate torture, torture only to have to come and go pale wash of feelings.So, even the process is not beautiful!Believe me, really I walked the streets, even if it is a wonderful person, this dedication can always move, the fullness of a life of their own, but also the warmth of the man whom had persistent.  Who would not have taken decent life, such as ink painting dripping with casual happy!It can often backfire, who can have complete control over your life?When the ink around the corner, not in accordance with the intention to ink a dye mood, why do not we change it thinking, planning another re-interpretation of a picture.Not thoughts, not necessarily a good picture of achievement.I think that butterflies fly, but the sea, in order to stop, it is the end everywhere, everywhere is returned to shore!Heart is both head and heart both shore!Butterfly fly, but the sea, enough is enough want to turn around, not down, nor abandoned, but forced reality.Once treated with tolerance, I believe that the original better, do not complain, do not hate, no longer sad.Turned around, Cheng pulls back to make room reserved for a subtle fragrance lingering in mind, and with him, you is that he never again touched a wisp of incense never!So, you can only remember the original better, forget the tired.Smile still, well in lightly in a quiet promise years!