All along, the very emotion of love story, let us not imagine that the plot, those love-hate between lovers, with their lives and write a fleeting but legendary courage to bear.Close my books in my mind out of sight durable ghost.Hearts full of heavy, continuous accumulation of the feeling the breathing is difficult.Hands can still close my stubborn will have the books open, to continue those stunning love.    Feiniaohuoyu love, so poignant, people feel pity.Although the love, but the end can not live in each other’s world, they are created by the Creator regret.Chyi Yu like singing it, but for once you stall displaced \\ \\ if I had not once looked concerned but where this game was not optimistic about love and concern.Perhaps love is so suddenly, and even some people feel awkward, not a rational mind to deal.It was a long lost body temperature of the fish, it is a habitat for birds could have four.Their meeting, in the author’s pen has been written in the world’s most remote distance, flying in a day, but a deep diving submarine.The world’s most remote from the source is the case, even affectionate as the sea, even though broad-minded like the sky, still can not be together.    Sad music endless, eternal legendary love story ever.They wanton occupy our ears, our eyes, our senses, until into our blood, our fundamental change.The music, the story is like a curse, as long as we reveal a little bit of emotion.Even after the cold eyes of the mask trace of flicker, will be infected, there is no way out at all.    Icy cold nights, when you look up at the stars, are not able to see the figure of love?This is the most precious thing in life.    Unexamined pedestrian on the road, such as traveling line mention walking with a puppet, no soul.They put heart deep in sorrow and hatred, to eliminate all redemption.Love does not listen to advice, do not pursue those precious memories.When the error is already cast, when regret is not recovered, the thread between himself cut off by their love, can return to his own heart?We can not predict.In those years, we experienced with dark clouds, who moved in the past, has come to our eyes, like an old movie.Unfortunately, the protagonist has to do to change others, we can not go back.    ”Oath,” the word is Youkouwuxin, but the “blame worry,” the word is the truest representation of our hearts, care about performance.I heard a “treasure” dropped on the floor of the sound, they are lying there quietly, issued cries enlightening to guide the runner between us, let love continue.    This is a version of quicksand phone shell butterfly, born in the late autumn.He pioneered the industry’s cell phone shell, a unique perspective and ornamental art of the perfect show in people’s eyes and practicality, stunning the entire market.Butterflies fly together in the flow of the stars in, chasing each other, Xixi.Stylish and charming, suitable for young family of ladies.As an upgraded version of the phone shell quicksand, not only in the details has been improved, but also do a lot to enhance the practicality, art appreciation is also very high.If that’s the disadvantage of this phone shell, it is that Living connubial butterfly can not escape the shackles of the phone shell, can not rotate around us, can not stop at our fingertips and hair.    Love, inadvertently revealed, from the strange two people closer to each other, they faint flicker of pure light, it seems like light butterflies, flying flowers, flying white snow-capped mountains, flying over our heads, lightly, Flying free.Carrying our hopes and wishes, we sow the pure love.