Part One: Butterflies time is always inadvertently mercilessly dusty history.  But sometimes there will be an accident, inadvertently, I found you.So, I waded on, in the era of chaos, I saw you, I was full of joy.  Qinhuai River, a wisp of veil in the night with the breeze swaying, you, should you still proud of that lonely back, like a lotus flower, blooming between heaven and earth, no competition, no one energy and.  You gently Shizhao tears with a handkerchief, and finally to everlasting smile, yes, your heart is full of melancholy and anger, only to regret his own untimely, the case of poor people.For you, the story of Beauty, it seems always Mirage.  Those deep pockets of spectators, only if you are fireworks Liu Xiang in “Chapter Taiwan Liu” only, does not know that your talent than we have on high, and higher heart qi, if men will have long topped the list, this is the land of blessing for fireworks at your place of refuge?But, in your eyes, these people are just some of the stands clown, pageant, why miss heart!  I understand that you are attracted to people who just south Chen Zilong, you fall in love with him, you found him this is the hero, and he expected to spend a lifetime accompany it.But the days are not as people would like, in the struggle against the Qing Dynasty uprising, he did not come back, “Love Rain slightest frustration,” I did not know how to sustenance Acacia?  You quietly waiting, keep looking, hoping to find a familiar figure, even if it is just like.One day, you really met him — Qian, you ecstatic, actually transformed into a man, went to visit.You talk, we talk about poetic scenery, arbitrary, much deja vu.At this time, it coincided with Qian, career flow, and your conversation to let him forget the grief, because your talent and he has similarities, so come and go in, you spend a friend.  Unfortunately, unfortunately, just as you want to be serene and forever, the Qing invasion that broke you this wonderful quiet life.As the old North Korea left officials loyal to former team or serve a new master?Qian, faced with dilemma.And you witnessed cruel bowls, and the killing of innocent civilians south, mind you angry.So you persuade with Qian, die to preserve the name of the festival, to show allegiance.Qian, this promised to put together a good lake to commit suicide, but the excuse of “water-cooled”, refused to vote the lake, you have to take a step back, then advised him hermit in the mountains, breaking away from the Red.However, he was with a “whip” answered your.  At this point, you finally see this so-called “gentlemen’s” face, resolutely left him.  You came to the Qinhuai River, looking for a silver lining, but by the death of her husband, your tears, despair plus helpless, you use three feet of white silk, this is not the end of his extraordinary life, certain death, but left to the people endless miss.  Spring cozy, Yang Liu Yiyi, deeply moved by the lake breeze, bursts of glowing light Lin.Inadvertently, a white lotus flower, blooming quietly in the meantime.  ”Say no return, the little Xianghun clear dream,” From then on, you figure disappeared in the Qinhuai River, but in light wind out of date, vaguely smell the fragrance of the lotus bloom when the slightest.    Part II: Butterflies are happy, melancholy, like three thousand water flows east, endless flow of never tell; poetry is painting, the Qing Li word sentence, poetry flower tea and wine, the sadness turned into sweet, like a butterfly Passion flower.  - Inscription in a queue leaning dangerous wind blowing through the thin, look very Singing Sorrowful, Anan Health sky.Yes, go the country nostalgia, but it is seen in desolate stretch of the King, feeling very sad and those who carry, grass smoke sunset glow, the silent you ignore the railing of Italy, but only wine and song, throw the heart all at arm’s length.  May light, late at night, you still end across the landscape of thousands of city sustenance thoughts, the night was four no neighbor, Arai poor old industry, leaving only the empty desert nights you “Wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated, “the infatuation monument – Liu and three transformers.  Gentle tenderness of your heart like a butterfly, between Mo flower eat only a little, can not bear to spend blinding posture, in passionate dancing, so that I remember you every month for streaming beads.  Bis deep courtyard, the threshold worry vanillyl weeping dew chrysanthemum, willow smoke stack, Flying to swallow, but the sound of sad front curtain as no multiplicity.Moon are not fluent Lihen bitter, oblique light to wear Zhu Xiao households, who is to make the sound of a heavy blame the hearts of heaven, breaking the confinement of the courtyard, so it was very hot eyes and ears of language Boudoir.  Flower asked tears in silence, Luanhong fly swing, night westerly withered Bishu, alone on the West Wing only you, lean on a railing afar, watch good posture with your eyes, like a butterfly waiting blossoming of flowers in full bloom, gazing distance.Ancient thoughts pierced the walls Liu hospital, spanning the history of the tunnel, and finally write a buckle heart of “Butterflies”.  Three nightlife network is chilling outside under a tree, or pavilion, Lanzhou handle both hands on the man child, even if the first test is not repeated, thick black raw cold night desolate God cold bone, you still use the rhythm Butterflies Write strong Famous; is a small park in Hong path always wandering to Yan Yin word wine, it is also infinite pride, pride tippler’s six Ones, due to the persistent waiting in the courtyard, points to purdah beauty the hearts of frustration, perseverance and persistence, like a butterfly to a flower Chilian, rolls on, seize the day.  When we warble “twig willow cotton blew another little love again” when, ever pay attention to “Spring apricot flower faded Canhong small” when still green water swallows people around, ever pay attention to Wutai Poem Case Dongpo’s Ci due framed, made a tour of Lang Huangzhou, but he is still left with the Schwimmer unborn love for the country, like Butterflies, still adhere to the hearts of love.  I do not know why you so greedy, a tree flowers Tang, Song of a high-rise will not fill you desire, you still want to do that swirling butterflies will stick with heart romantic impact Ming Zhong, Qing disorder book, and then stained with ink little bit of history, flying through space, exudes delicate fragrance.Let us remember the romantic among the flowers, warm feelings: the leaves are blowing residual shadows.Higurashi without cold, butterfly Butterflies love does not change, he persevering, no spring, the wind fluttering, rustling rain, you like a butterfly, still passing the dry heart of the sea.Part Three: Butterflies butterflies fly, flower still; flowers fade to do, butterflies silent.Yin a Butterfly, sigh life is only a dream.  - Inscription I fall into the earth, turned into a lonely Yudie.  Empty mountains, misty rain, hazy south, was removed between the turquoise blue bamboo, dense mist hang around the shore, only to find an agreed safflower III.  Red walls and green tiles, Regency garden, a million flowers Tsui, Hung Ying green cover.  I quietly went over the wall, but in this a long time wandering, just because they do not know that one is waiting for the attachment III!  So, I prayed silently Buddhas in my heart, I want to give the Buddha pointing direction.Then, smiling Buddha, he picks up a petal, saying that this is my home.  I gently smiled, agreed to a past life vows, life turned into a Butterfly.  I quietly standing in the flowers, hearts guess if you are waiting, waiting for the moment together, waiting for a carnal knot.  A person giggle in their hearts: whether there have been thousands of times pass you by?But this time it?I am not going to miss the strike!  Just about everything already doomed!  Seeing you silently dying in that moment, petals, little red core, turning to red mud.The strike is Qingshenyuanqian?We will once again rub shoulders away.Waiting over together III, now, only lonely love empty branches, Cheng Yu Mu pondering sky.  I gazed around the shelter over your branches, fragrant smell sniffing your remaining trace, but it is my ecstasy, break my heart.  Ma’am, this situation is a dream, waking, attributed to loneliness.  Water quietly floating petals, it seems that exudes endless sorrow, telling endless thinking complain.So, I chase a piece of TV drama petals, which piece of the shadows, and even that piece of nothingness companionship.  After the flowers fade, lonely butterfly.Idealist helpless, endure looked dim misty rain in certain death.  Xie has been spent, butterfly attachment.Even if it is a moment of encounter, and after a turn or look back, but only when it is a beautiful dream Bale!  After all, life is a blank ammunition, not the injury, the situation is difficult to tell, Indus Yela, drizzly Muyu, and finally arrived, but the red-green residue cover!  Your past life figure, engraved in the Sansei stone, endured a century of wind, rain and a hundred years, a hundred years of sun exposure, and lonely waiting for Bana open, guarding Huakaihuaxie, the flowers bloom.Reincarnation of unrequited love Sansei III, then, modern technology for a Yudie, only to wait for the end in the foreseeable future.  But – now trace the flowers fade, groups of butterflies fly, throw empty sigh, continued for a lonely finish, how to be in this situation a lifetime.  Let me die quietly strike between these flowers!  Just I do not want to endure a lifetime of loneliness alone!  Mixed with the cold wind, cold my wings.My heart is broken, tired heart.I do not want to fly again!Just turned into a butterfly soul, where you accompany the dead.At least, not lonely heart!  Lying quietly patch of red mud, so that their technology into your arms, so, for life!  Christina dream, feeling the wind.But people have changed, still the Red, Acacia has become resentment, residual memories buried Nanshan.  Shadows lonely, lonely soul butterfly, just because of the Butterflies, only the accompanying attachment.  Butterflies, butterfly flower thinking, a dance past lives, hand knot a carnal.Only willing to stop queue in your whole life branches, reincarnation Xie Xia Yu in the flower bloom in winter snows.  Breeze flowing, thoughts swirling, light holding a handful of soil, full of the feeling of anxiety quietly buried, but give birth to thoughts of you.  Butterfly dream, flower injuries.Fragrant flowers, butterfly Qinru prosthetic atrium; butterfly of love, scattered into the wind slowly flowing.  Butterfly crazy memories of that period the bonds of past life, a red flower attachment to this life, just because the agreed oath, but were changed forever tie him down.  Again separated, heartbreak again, is it is waiting for the fate of Sansei III?Or doomed life after life can not meet?  Butterflies turned into a life, it can afterlife?