Part one: the most beautiful but always like when flowers gorgeous flowers, the fragrance of flowers, often through flowering of place, they want to stop for a while to look at that beautiful, pink, yellow so rich, so enchanting red, purple is so noble, obsessed with their beauty, their fragrance; so there is always a desire to picking, looking at a Zhang Meili smile, no confusion between the mining and mining, there is always a desire that can not control concept, so under quietly mining, pity they are holding in her hand, I hope it will always belong to us gorgeous.Flowers in full bloom, with a smile.Gentle palm can not give it fertile soil, finally watched it slowly wither and die, I was short-lived sigh of life, self-blame for his cruelty, his mind suddenly let go of interest petals, flapping in the wind, with the lonely tears and sincere mourner buried, put the most beautiful flowers frozen in memory, silent Shizumori.  But when the most beautiful flowers..Mining and non-mining, beautiful out there, but not too much, read and do not read, love is there, not to rise, every time I think there is always a trace of heartache, and finally vowed not want it, no longer read it , there is a vast world more beautiful scenery and so we appreciate, so go for a ride to see all the way, beautiful memories are always hard to forget, finally understand this life this life, it may be difficult to forget the good that had been nearly just as the passage of time, may be indifferent when we think again, we are pleased had nearly seen the beautiful side, smelled intoxicating fragrance.Miss the bloom of the day.    Part II: the most beautiful but Barry cuckoo see the online presentation, Barry Du Scenic Area is located northwest of the province, middle Bijie area, belonging to the only country rhododendron forest parks, national AAAA level scenic spots.Azalea area of the scenic area of up to 125.8 square kilometers, is the planet’s largest natural garden, there had been “azaleas like the sea, leaving fragrant mountain dome” the name in history.Barry rhododendron forest stretches because, it said Barry cuckoo.Rhododendron species currently identified 41 species, representing the world spend 5 Rhododendron subgenus of 4 subgenus.Known as the “earth ribbon, world garden, health blessed summer paradise” reputation.So I have always been longing for this large natural garden, three years ago on a business trip passing cuckoo Barry, I want to stop a tour, but due to time and the season is not coincidence, failed to appreciate her beauty, has been left empty mind with regret.51 holiday just in time, a few friends of units similar to the cuckoo Barry play, but I have this just a wish.  Six o’clock in the morning, rush rushed toll station and other tourist’s car to pick, to Guiyang, the car went to the Du Barry, after nearly four hours of bumpy, and finally arrived at the famous Barry Du.After nightlife network simply ate lunch our party of 12 people riding on a sightseeing car.With the forward wagon, depicting picture in front of us open, dizzying.One of the most striking crimson azaleas, friends Others say, this is not azalea, oleander is, a car drew people laugh.In fact, it is no wonder his friend, because this azalea color and the color is very similar to open oleander.In my mind, a water azalea is open on that little red flower leaves, composed of a cluster of up to thirty-two, a canopy azaleas, but also by the dozens of clusters.Unexpectedly, friends, the amazing sound of cries, I saw many things I never saw azaleas, light from the color point of view, there are white, silver, bright pink, red, red milk, light yellow, orange red, pink, lavender, purple, etc..From the point of view of high trees, some about two thirty feet high, most are much shorter than I imagined high, complete with cuckoo I imagine the flowers are not the same, this is really a colorful world, looking off to see mountain to mountain azaleas are in full bloom, said she was a sea of flowers, but also the most realistic.  With the front row sightseeing car, we went to a place called Lantana forest attractions, see a brief introduction, said Lantana flower rhododendron forest is holy, passionate girl Soma incarnation.Friends like discovering the New World, from time to time screaming and amazing sound, one would say that this good-looking, one would say that there was really nice, in fact, full of colorful flowers blooming, we the people have exposure to flower ocean, where not all beautiful picture ah!I easily found a bunch of flowers counted, actually a bunch of flowers by the forty flowers single flower composed of a cluster of such blooms in turn, hundreds of flower composition, from afar, like balls of flame leaping really like a great right away wearing cherry, hence the name Lantana rhododendron forest.And this is the mountain blooms of the mountain, you can imagine, what a spectacular ah!Friends kept swinging the camera in various positions, want to put all the beauty here to stay.I saw a friend if there is blood on the clothes, I asked how it was?When this turned out to be the flower like photography friends photographed under azalea, rhododendron flowers from the trees in full bloom caused by drops of water flowing down.I was thinking, this is not the holy Soma girl waiting for a lover and not to shed blood and tears it?  Next, we went to the bottom of this Cape attractions, this attraction should be the most famous cuckoo Barry is also the most important attractions.One at this area, the road is lined with contests to see the azaleas, need some people looked up to see her the whole picture, it was only some general high, eyes looked wide variety of colors, the most amazing is that some of the azalea blooms in full bloom at the same time also several colors of flowers, I do not know a masterpiece of humanity or nature Cherish ah!  In the introduction to the guide, we came to China azaleas Expo.I entered the hall, to see the amazing sight.Against the background of every azalea pots spent on lighting and backgrounds, like most delicate and beautiful girl, was in intensive care, really graceful, lightly I do not know how many boys and girls of the heart!On display at this exhibition brings together a number of countries in the azaleas exhibits, an area of square meters, displaying azaleas there are more than strains, varieties are more than 200 varieties Lantana, large white flowers, dew, etc..Is really an eye-opener, lots of flowers, not only color I have never seen, but also the flower, really never thought too.One of these is called Alcimandra cuckoo, it is a big goose yellow flowers that like most of the long flower girl’s slender fingers, goose yellow petals as she put on new clothes, is so tender the United States, that kind of daydream extremely.Here you can see the azaleas in a good number of countries, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States, but looks around, still feel the cuckoo’s most beautiful Ma Ying cuckoo.She was so red, as brilliant, as pure, as inconspicuous as a trace between the mundane world.  Suddenly a cry of the mother’s voice, turned out to be a friend to scream Hall Jinggangshan, see where the beautiful feeling when struck with a.We also arrived along with and enjoy.See this exhibition of azaleas and rhododendrons I imagine is very similar to the kind of water colors, but due to the exhibition, various forms of artificial modification of her, so than our local azaleas I do not know how much the United States time.A large a large, in the light against the background, as red one, I think, this is not a symbol of the red Jinggangshan it.Exclaimed edge, edge around the booth to enjoy and see the shape of peacock colors like plum red bougainvillea, like azaleas, flowers broken pieces, but full, to show people the infinite charm of her enchanting, her beauty.There Jiangsu exhibition of azaleas, all Fenfen, a variety of shape, and some like the girl after bath dressed in a fresh long hair, some like to be married bride’s wedding shirt, people forbidden to live daydreams but why, really feel paradise on earth but also the case.  After visiting the exhibition, then boarded a sightseeing car back in time.Then my friends said most or one word – “beautiful”.I believe this is the true feelings of the heart, at this moment, no amount of words, no amount of words will only pale, even the best literary talent is also not describe her beauty, only hard feelings, intentions taste, intentions accept gifts of nature.  In the tourist board, vistas, stretch for hundreds of years on the mountains are the same color palette as the spilled colored flowers, colorful, like a match made in heaven huge pots, if Xia Ruoyun.This is really the history of the plant created by nature a rare miracle, really thank Mother Nature has given us such a paradise on earth, in this beautiful scenery, you a lot of trouble, a lot of disappointments will be resolved without a trace, will lament , how, how there will be so beautiful and magical place it?People get unlimited purify the mind, people irritable heart attributed to the infinite serenity.  Say goodbye, Barry cuckoo, say goodbye, paradise.The following year, next year I will come back, you come back to see the United States face the same centuries..    Part three: but the most beautiful rivers and ponds in early summer wind is very cool color, eight in the morning, I rode a bike, go to the north gate of the lotus pond.  Road sunny, thin broken pieces of light through the cracks of the barge-like leaves scattered on the ground.I also began to lengthen the shadow.  The wind gently blowing, blowing face, such as fairy delicate hand for me to whitewash, as if my skin becomes tender and translucent, flawless finish.I have long hair, wearing headphones, listening to “Ponds moonlight”.”I was a fish in your rivers and ponds, waiting only for you and that wild rice moon.”While listening to the song, while yearning for the infinite pool of late spring and summer color that.  He came Ponds, lock the bike, took off his headphones, letting the wind blow touch my face.The body cool, drill into the depths of the skin through every pore, followed by dancing dress, across my skin, feeling the itch.This is how spring, which is what a summer scene ah!  You see, swaying pool of lotus, pink flower bud, such as the ancient cardamom girl next door, it is Qingdouchukai age, there is a strange feeling in her heart quietly blooming, spring breeze, you are so passionate, is so handsome, her heart was deeply attracted you, girl Huaichun, probably like the taste of it!  You see, deep red lotus flower bloom is strong.Hongnen cheeks, white as the moon Seiki like skin, such as the betrothed young woman, like just drinking the wedding of the bride, wearing a bright red scarf, you see, it is tipsy, gently shaking as graceful posture, waiting for the arrival of the groom.One thousand night moment worth a thousand gold, this is probably the charm of it!  You see, most colorful lotus flower bloom magnificent, driving too comfortable contented, driving too rich state, full bloom, bloom abundance, such as the palace of the princess, educated, there are pretty, not as light mermaid, Yang not as full, which is between the United States, both the advantages of both sets in an.  That pool of lotus leaf, large and small, spread on the water, silhouetted against the lotus, reminds me of Qingzhao: Lvfeihongshou, fight crossing, crossing dispute, strayed into the depths of Ouhua!  Green sparkling waves, Dangqi from time to time, just listen to the water burst of sound, look, ah, rotten rotten fish gold leaps!  Ponds on the fence, shape thousands of trees, like most of the bonsai humanities landscape and highly three-dimensional picture of the cultural heritage.A few birds, small, active, twisting and swinging his head, singing aloud, mildly crisp sound, and some twitter joy danced.Some also in front of so many people face pro out of the mouth.  Everyone has an Ponds, let me think about it, this piece of rivers and ponds is not that people do beautiful memories?It is so vibrant, so strong to green.Ponds are the bottom of the fertile soil, so it is not that we do spirit of the Pure Land?Those pure green water that we do not mind it?No high moral, pure heart, our memories, our feelings will be beautiful and wonderful it?  Around rivers and ponds, the rows of stone bench, draped under the green vine leaves on top of the shed, like a girl’s hair, like a green curtain, like a green Galaxy.  Where are the birds and the flowers gone?Been taken off, I really pity!  Surrounded by green grass, yellow, purple flowers studded with warm.Look ah, but also a beautiful view over the pages!It is a worthwhile memory!In addition to Ponds life, there are other beautiful scenery, no matter what you are in online landscape, remember, please cherish these wonderful things, to cherish these, you must hold the pure land of mind!Please live your pure, active and beautiful memories!