Summer is the season of burning.  Mention this season, people naturally link from heat, mosquitoes, thunder and lightning storm……It can not help but subconsciously spring and autumn contrast, could not help but produce feelings of helplessness.  Now touched the ancient versa.Liu wrote in Yongzhou rule “summer day even as a” poem “Southern states such as ruffles drunk wine, a few hidden Shumian North lattice window open,” the sentence, Po Chu “full steam summer rustic” concept mow wheat “poem, back burning Yan matte “sentences and Li Shen in the” hoe Wo ‘poem’ hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo soil ‘sentences, have expressed to the summer heat, oppressed feel uncomfortable emotions.  In fact, ah, strictly in rotation seasons of the year, every season are loyal to their own responsibility to create the good fortune.Gentle spring, germinating life; the summer of passion, unassuming life; forthright autumn, gave their lives; winter bear, protect life.And in all seasons responsibility, from the point of view of life and growth, I think that passion is more valuable summer.  Summer is valuable is that it absorbs the sun’s energy burning themselves, so that all of life with full vigor full of radiance essence, racing against time to flourish luxuriantly, multiply gene, brewing their own prospects.  Not the kind of burning up hot summer, there would be no life to fade spontaneously Conservative closed inert.- life, as long as life is motion, there will be inert, which is used to warm and protect others accustomed to being accustomed to the status quo.Under inert, everything is hard to.Only after that hot zeal the ideal seed cells hidden life and romance restless, life began to start their own great journey.  Even burning summer breeding the mosquito, it is nothing but equal treatment for life.It is this equal treatment, allow mosquitoes to survive a deep understanding of the truth, even if it is “dark moon toward the bacteria do not know, I do not know cicada mantis Spring”, but also without any hesitation, without Zhangu efforts to implement the right to go to the mission and growth.Then, as the other life may continue to go through the spring and autumn, but also to seize the opportunity and do not despise the natural reward you?  The summer course will burn crazy thunder and lightning storm, I will not speak of how these natural phenomena by the energy of the sun and summer conditions of strong and prosperous, and later just how proud and how much are destructive, but they and the summer sun, but also warm “burning” surging emotions.With them Cuikulaxiu to Dao, vividly moist, searing urging and encouragement, have a life of initiation – growth – robust – tenacious, as well as enrich and improve the process and the dedication of a successful outcome.These natural son of thunder and lightning storm, summer is also the responsibility entrusted to them fulfill.    Burning summer is burning.  It’s awkward hot pepper sprinkled on the body like taste on the tongue.It is this taste, let the red thunder playing all the red, the green cast green skills.All life is gone it thinks mysterious privacy, the courage to open their pungent carried away.  Sentimental put away the trees in spring, open chest exposed pregnant, stretch a shade, to attract cows, dogs, cats, chickens children, who would not let anyone who does not afraid to share it from underneath it fire flee to the strands of the wind through the shade produced by processing the coolness.At this time, cattle exhibition Shu leg lying belly breathing evenly roots of the tree, chirping chicken children break to rest back on its belly, dogs and cats in cattle stout legs screwed up his eyes nap, let the burning temperature these Zhuer put away the barriers of race, put them in harmony in the character become another “hot” flavor, that is their own nature or temperament of the “brave” to suppress or betrayal.  In the open countryside naked body of a profile.Those bulging lines and sink into the secret life clearly reveal the body out.Open skirt under a thin white legs; onion skin of the chest was opened hazy mountains; hair away its strict makeup, let the show eyes, eyebrows and the entire face Overflow youthful wine syrup.A lot of desire and fantasy begin Fluttering like a flame.  It is burning hot mess of a group of children playing the music of.Those innocent children take advantage of the golden opportunity of the summer, gather invite them happy in the river, the lake, the boy naked body exposed blackish, white ass, wore brazier and somehow the sun on the shore, under the order then a loud thump to jump into the clear water, swim away and diving competitions, stir up a spray, a group of flush wild birds.The girls at the shore shrill voice as they clapped their hands, shouting refueling, or when the referee.Burning hot summer sun for them, so funny.    Burning summer is fresh toot.  It’s where the momentum built up in diastole, where traces of life impulse, the dream of growing up sound.  On the vast land, everywhere can clods, stones top up of Hercules – the seeds under the influence of temperature, no longer willing to stay in the parents’ gift of the house, and they desperately struggling with growth power bursting shell to hide, no matter where they are in the drilled out.People’s walls, tile, it can be the life force out of a gap to crack.That face was ashen and hard board game iron cement board can not stop the progress of life.Qiu underground root strong tie trees, topsoil it hard to break the drill, pierce slit pebbles, deep geological formations in all directions and stretching, sucking, the trunk of the screen, in the cooing output from trickle flow “underground factory “made in nutrition.That Qiu sticks, fingers or on, or cross out, or obliquely, the more it is the same as the dragon blade is covered with clouds like Maolin’s twisted in layers, rolled, circling, no matter how powerful forces are it is to overwhelm the forces of light and sun.Poplar, willow, camphor, no matter what kind of tree, every day is a sturdy up, sit up.They believe that he is Optimus Prime.  After the lake, river fish freed from detention in winter, in the spring Shuhuo little exercise, they incite passion in the summer, she began to search for pleasant companion.In this significant year in parenthood romantic season, these fish who rule the roost hegemony, fighting vigor and beauty of life.Then they are moved off the water spray, entertain crashed clapping.  When summer fresh tension toot farms fell to the side, rice, corn, sorghum, all the crops are jointing children grow up with the ideal fengren.  Jin Zhang Lifei summer toot in the orchard, these sweet with the fragrance of flowers drunk mind of fruit buds, then in the summer and warm fresh agitation began moving day and night, tired dream burning huge abundance of ambition.  Summer it awkward transferred to the dark tendon, long village road will flash suddenly creak of the burden, the burden of those under steady pace, supported by a mountain-like results, heaps of labor the joy.    Summer is busy burning mediocre.  As the temperature increases, heat is full, busy as anything up.  The universe class, regardless of whether life, because life and work on their own will to speed against the clock, when a grasping mechanism Dream, Dream, Dream.  When all dreams are to the busy summer together, the most active or humans, and humans like a bee “flowers honey,” the farmer is the busiest, could busiest farmers in the south particularly conspicuous again.  Jiangnan farmers in the summer, is simply hectic – because they have a summer season of Bangladesh and two quarter rush in the harvest plant crops task.For example, high cotton seedlings grow, watermelon out vines, and peach blush, pond fish in the water jump, all summer vegetable garden to be planted……These things do not wait until you’re done, immediately urged the wheat harvest season and rape, summer crops planted fields, culture tube rice seedlings, weeding fertilizing to cotton, sorghum planting corn, melons listed to buy……A suddenly have to rush in the harvest of early rice, late rice grab plug……  These say no so much to live, if it is fine point, let me see, “grab grab inserted to close” it’s April, the day the farmers south of Ye Hao, Ye Hao night, they did not stop when.  Early in the morning, a farmer.  Awakened by the sound of the door squeak and Sun Li Chelsea man back to shovel out, a woman opened the cages, bucket into the machine pick the well pressurized water; the water will come to bear, he went to the garden to pull dish.When the voice sounded on the chopping block chop vegetables, pen where the lazy awakened, these guys kick yawn, stretch the waist lazy strike, they began to call out annoying them, so women have to immediately call yesterday from pigwash tank late potable water ready to pour into the pig trough.Later, a woman can confidently make a fire to cook.  Kitchen food wafting smell of children, the man came back, he was followed by a group of people.Busy woman set the table to put an end meals bench.This group of people whistling meal to go the wheat field.Just mown wheat, when everyone is busy splitting to the threshing floor, farms chug Tude voice sounded pumps, canal water rushing uproar to Catcher in the fierce Note.Just see the water, the tractor’s voice rang from far and near to the ridge, it was eager to plow up.At this time, the owner immediately urged farmers to speed quickly pick wheat, because the tractor run a few rounds in a cornfield, it is necessary to catch a live mud plug the rice seedlings.Rural people know, live mud plug seedling root line fast, early rice seedlings live another day, that is one day earlier production.  In this case, after we eat a woman in Shimoda, immediately close the bowl, quickly scrub clothes, ready to open noon meal dishes.Some wheat fields to pick back up, a woman with a bed of rice seedlings rice seedlings Tin pull dustpan.Wait until everyone to pull seedlings, the woman saw the sun coming top of his head, went home meal arrangements, while at the same time go back the way while cutting roadside grass, pick the fish pond behind the house.Into the house, give food for pigs, pigs solve the impetuous and then began to do lunch.  After lunch, the sound of the machine are stopped, and also in the morning yellow wheat field, now mirror-like flat’s show swayed skylight paddy.At this time, people put rice seedlings to pick a Tam Tam, blue sky backs grasping Wong rushed to plug up.  Women have ended bowl lunch, tea burn barrel, after transplanting mentioned farms also rolled up his pants.  It was dusk, and school children back to farms for the keys to his mother, a mother immediately confessed: “Hurry home, a load of pigs cut grass; chickens, ducks sprinkle food……”The children turned and ran, just ran a few steps, stopped the mother shouted:” the garden to pick a pumpkin, a few eggplant, a beans, and chili……Not forget the rice cooked, with a large cooker –5 pounds of rice – Do not play!what!When the “sunset hand in planting the mud close to make all of Xia Yu, the siege of mosquitoes buzzing up and bite people planting difficult to look to the end to end ‘lovemaking session’ and fight mosquitoes, mosquitoes sniffing human body odor smell even the clothes back bite right through, one by one leg, face, body muster all the knots, headed this matter Tian finished plug not plugged finished, he called on the ridge dinner……  Throughout the summer, especially the “plug Shuangqiang income,” the critical time, farmers south almost every day.    Burning bright summer is bad.  People are used to fight Yan flowers, colorful rhetoric to the spring Yan United States, in fact, summer is also colorful, colorful.  Rose blossoms on the fence.Rose twist twist climbing on the fence woven bamboo, twigs, a leaf of a red, compact and clever, blushing.Leisurely fragrance exudes you are not careful in the summer wind, fresh and cool people.  Pomegranate clusters conglomeration of dozens of branches in the yard, a large roadside fruit in the garden, hydrangeas thick to hang from the sun shining on her brilliant luster, hearty red, bold, chic, so people vertigo confusion.  Rows of sunflowers and some, like sentinels, neatly set up under way, and the ridge edge of the yard, and some like the masses to participate in the General Assembly, the orderly build-present house.They are holding a round faceplate, full of golden flower petal flower, facing the sun laugh, follow the sun.  Ash stunts like night flowers, put it opened green leaves cover down, from afar, is a pile of violet hill.White tangelo tree, hidden in the blink of an eye that broad leaves, a bit like the stars in the sky, when the wind shake the tree, it is clever flashes, like that little white petals, painfully tender could not bear to her hand.Both the flowers, with fragrant Yuyu Fu Fu, the dye through the surrounding air, the breeze with a fire Yifu, radius of a few in the day, night, fields, streams, curtains, Luozhang are lazy drunk crisp up.The bees, butterflies, then diligently frequently patronize.  Tada stretch of lotus leaf, hold high the high lift of the lotus, in the summer without masking the smooth release, forceful, overbearing.Jiangnan lake, river, ditch, pond in the summer, almost all of them are occupied.Cuiye set off a red envelope with yellow flower petals dense, yellow stamens and layer upon layer of guarding the green lotus, white lotus room to grow with baby fat lotus.Fish, Kingfisher was tempted to put it here as a play park.Red with green men and women is also a lure to it, as in the lotus leaf Punta mandarin ducks playing in the water, like, pick lotus flowers, warmth whisper.  Bright summer colors set off not only in the land of rivers, but also romantic in heaven.  Colorful summer clouds playing with the US-hyun.In the evening Huoshao, with raging flames burned through and through the day but also to be reflected through and through, almost hear the whirring sound of the fire.Sun and clouds fight, it was like cotton, horses, mountains, clouds devil, red, yellow, purple, white, black color, what color are, constantly changing, playing with cosmic kaleidoscope.  The most exaggerated summer, the most romantic, the United States and to the number of the largest gas across thousands of miles, high in the sky portrayed rainbow.This rainbow, red orange yellow green blue purple, summer is high in the sky dancing Supergraphic, the universe is set up in the walls of the arch days.It is from this earth head frame to the far other end.Arch high into the clouds, then the star Qi month.It landed on this bridge, will be able to walk into Temple.