REVIEW burning stove must be attentive, so my mother so many chores, but also packed up the stove every day, winter is not let off the stove, or cooking and heating became a problem.So good burning coal does not burn very important, catch fire does not burn coal is often the.      Three years is not to burn the stove, thirty years ago to the village every house is burning furnace, stove attached to Tukang, either boil water for cooking, heating can also.Attached to the furnace is a large pit furnace, the furnace is used to dig, pulled out of the furnace ash directly into the large pit furnace, ten half months to dig a pit furnace.There next to a pond and wet coal pit furnace.Next to the mouth of the stove furnace, there is little in a covered cylinder (we call altar tank), which was filled with water, because of the small cylinder is immediately mouth of the furnace where hot water inside it, This is equivalent to having local supply of hot water, which first into the cold water, put in some time on the water warming up, wash the dishes are what need it; inside the hot water will almost added into the cold water , so as to ensure there is always a hot water.There is also no water altar jar can, if done inside the water, the tank must be burned altar, because it is next to the furnace.So my mother always told us to pay attention to the altar jar of water that will complement almost any time on, there can not do without water, or to burn the bombing.Furnace pit in the middle of the main house, has a large piece of place, above all covered with wood, the same level with the ground, we call furnace pit board.    Burning stove to the annual general in late October, the weather is cold, the room would light a fire, Tukang also warming, has been burned in the New Year in late March, a whole winter passed; the other time in the yard shed for cooking is firewood, winter firewood every year to play a lot, to consume the late autumn from spring, a year’s time not to burn the stove.    We are the last to burn the stove with coal Mentougou, are called the production team coach to go Lajiao Mentougou, Lajiao money, that is, the cost of pulling coal cars to let the end of the year from work-point deduction in the production team.Mentougou coal several places we often use, what Wang Ping village, what Muchengjian, as well as Yang lump, and then pull the coal are big coal, a ton of coal blocks more than ten dollars, although coal is not expensive, but then it also can not earn much money, so many people still can not afford to burn coal, are the firewood for cooking and heating.The stove in the middle Tukang position, wood-burning stove at one end of the kang, only to a very cold spell of time, that is December to the Spring Festival this period of time to burn stove, better conditions for the people from the ten in late January of next year to late March are burning stove.    Boil coal blocks when the ball is not enough coal, briquettes to burn but shorter burn time, say to buy coal field coal supply and marketing cooperatives also need this coal, briquettes are expensive, farmer households basically do not burn coal briquettes, and burn are generally local and honeycomb briquettes of households.When we burn enough coal to supply and marketing cooperatives will also buy some of the coal field Sueko coal, briquettes or used to spread and wet coal, wet coal is used to bank up a fire by night, until the next morning to open the oven.Bank up a fire at night is filled mainly coal, then sealed wet coal briquettes on top, so as to a boil all night, or midnight fire on the up, and how much coal that was burned Yeah, no calculation is not enough to live.    A child often helped his mother to drop coal, coal smashed into small pieces to large egg like that, it makes it easier to burn; and it was the home of coal Sueko spread into briquettes.Sometimes often to the supply and marketing of coal yard line to buy coal, coal commune on a farm, in the edge of our village, the village eight miles of people have come here to buy coal, as well as local schools and forces, which are mostly residents account, so a lot of people to buy coal, a lot of time and even honeycomb briquettes are very nervous, came in the last half-day team did not buy the coal is more and more.    Burning stove must be attentive, so my mother so many chores, but also packed up the stove every day, winter is not let off the stove, or cooking and heating became a problem.So good burning coal does not burn very important, catch fire does not burn coal is often the.Where coal is good, bad where coal, with the lessons, you know where to buy the coal.Mentougou coal, Yang lump of coal in several places is the worst burning, so after mother Yang rarely buy a lump of coal, burnt a car burned afraid, winter stove is anxious to destroy things, especially the Chinese Lunar New Year of the house must get warm, do not warm New Year, which in too much sad ah!    Ground-burning stove Well, how much room is warm, the outside is frozen snow and cold, the house is like spring, winter Sa month of the year on more than indescribably happy.Tukang burned hot ass, sleep on it like baked pancakes, what leg pain backache doing it will be it.Days of heavy snow closed the door’s hiding in the warm room, sitting on the Tukang melon seeds, that is how great enjoyment ah!Mother sitting on a white picket fence, doing needlework, pear next to the cat playing in the pulled thread, so the scene is really warm na!    2011.2.21 [Editor: Can children]