REVIEW flashing 60 years, the land of China vicissitudes.In 2009, our great motherland will usher in welcome her 60th birthday, we are ahead of blessing for the 60th birthday.We use the most sincere heart to wish the motherland happiness, well-being.  Throughout history, we will never forget avenge humiliation.Those old hatred, blood and tears in our eyes has emerged as a Chinese person we have to bear in mind: Allied Forces burned the Yuanmingyuan, the Nanjing massacre, traitor despicable and shameful cause internal problems outside the storm caught the motherland among much of your dignity provocation, your body ravaged by.As China’s new generation of Chinese young people, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we are duty-bound!    October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao issued the most vigorous heroic message to the world: “The Chinese people have stood up!”Experienced many vicissitudes of war and suffering behind the Chinese people finally stood up again!The people are the masters!Since then, generation after generation of new darlings stand up, Chinese people with their own soul fire warmth of the motherland once icy body, with the blood of youth who lit the dark soul of the motherland, with passionate singing textile motherland of a pink clouds.    Industrious and brave Chinese people under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the leaders of three generations, united, against all odds, like a beacon illuminating the bright future of the motherland, and has made brilliant achievements.Under the guidance of Mao Zedong carried out socialist transformation successfully completed the transition from New Democracy to socialism, establishing the basic system of socialism and developing socialism economically, politically and culture.Comrade Deng Xiaoping put forward in mid-1978 “reform and opening to change” policy, opened up a new era of socialist development, and gradually formed a line of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, principles and policies, Jiang led the people in their efforts to practice the “three on behalf of “the times, building a moderately prosperous society, towards a better future.Since the founding of New China, the Chinese are the cause of an unprecedented breakthrough and development, technological, economic, political, military, have achieved a new breakthrough and leap.This is the pride of our country.    1997 return of Hong Kong, Macao in 1999, we realized the dream of generations.Hong Kong issue, the successful settlement of the Macao issue, it shows that “one country, two systems” to achieve the guiding ideology of China’s reunification cause and has strong vitality.”One country two systems” policy will be able to advance the cause of peaceful reunification of the motherland, to achieve the overall revitalization of the complete reunification of the motherland and the nation.Hong Kong, Macao witnessed the Chinese people to safeguard national means of land integrity, sovereignty is not violated.When the flag flying in the sky Hong Kong and Macao, Chinese people your pride, your course of history will bear in mind, this moment will go down in history forever in our hearts fluttering agitation.    July 13, 2001, when the International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch announced in Moscow: Beijing to become the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese People’s passion for flying, the dream of all the Chinese flowering – the successful Olympic bid.World chose Beijing, China chose this moment China has been affirmed in the world, the good kind of Chinese.It means that China’s successful Olympic bid farewell to the history of failed Olympic bid, also means that China’s efforts for peace and development in a broader space for the world, for humanity and make due contributions.    2008 was an extraordinary year.This year we experienced the Beijing Olympics bright, “Shenzhou VII” Flying stroll in space; this year we face many challenges.A 50-year freeze snow south, the north and south of decorative snow, power facilities were destroyed, many urban and rural areas into darkness, critical moment, tens of thousands of employees united power grid anti-ice protection, blood melted ice , the lighted lighting, lights illuminated dawn dark, bright melt snow and ice, not tired body come slow rate information Jihuan.May 12, sudden 7.8 earthquake, disaster once again to reproduce, Chinese people did not fall, with perseverance and selfless dedication, united, hard times.We finally ushered in the Olympic Games, the enormous pressure, the Chinese people stood firm to win 51 gold medals won the first in the world to make the world with admiration this whole Chinese people’s pride.The magnificent Bird’s Nest, the Olympic Games are our nation demonstrated a strong arts and cultural essence, combined with the technological approach, which is the portrayal of Chinese people since ancient wisdom!Beijing Olympic Games, more than a century is your most confident, most proud of a!It has been said, the 29th Olympic Games is the world’s most successful session, the world because of you proud.    Exposure history, and into which we, our grief.Things time, time flies.The wheel of history continue the line before we finally came in 2009, you have been suffering from bullying by others trampled upon, once riddled with a poverty-stricken, but all were in the past, and now people have masters, to grasp their own destiny , adhere to the scientific concept of development, growing economy, it plays an important role in the world.Motherland, you tens of thousands of outstanding sons and daughters from generation to generation, unyielding stand in defiance, passion and wisdom to defend you five thousand cast condensate dignity.Now you finally to “People’s Republic of China” in the name stands in the east of the world, to become a single show, from mid-1949 to date 60 years.60 years, gave birth to you through great changes, made a great contribution.Your charm to attract the attention of the world.My dear motherland, and I’m proud of you, cheering for you!    Inter flicks command, have become past, we applaud the glorious!However, we should never forget avenge abuse history, we must always keep in mind forever.All the Chinese people gave us their wisdom and love, let us solemn oath under the flag: we will work hard, to the beautiful country we will make every effort for the motherland beautiful eternal life!    Flashing 60 years, the land of China vicissitudes.In 2009, our great motherland will usher in welcome her 60th birthday, we are ahead of blessing for the 60th birthday.We use the most sincere heart to wish the motherland happiness, well-being.    60 years you weather-beaten, scarred, but your passion burning years, happiness and victory eventually belong to you, perhaps you are not strong enough, you are quiet enough, but there are our young generation, we will be blood and wisdom for the increasingly powerful motherland and endeavor, we will not indulge in the past, it will not be fascinated by the fantasy that we love today.Today, we work hard, we firmly believe that the country will be better tomorrow!    Motherland, we are proud of you today, tomorrow you cheer for us![Editor: Can children]